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Gauri Manoj

Gauri Manoj, Managing Editor

Gauri is currently a senior and a managing editor for El Estoque. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, drawing and listening to music.

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Describing senior year through three categories: school, substances, and sex.

Seniors in three S’s

A closer look at the class of 2023 from a sample size of 57 seniors
Gauri Manoj
May 30, 2023

Homemade Hipster: Pineapple Sundae

Learn how to make this fruity and sweet dessert
Gauri Manoj and Mira Wagner
May 27, 2023
My boring family

My boring family

How I learned to appreciate my parents’ busy lifestyles
Gauri Manoj
March 24, 2023
Protecting ourselves

Protecting ourselves

Taking a look at how students protect different facets of their lives
Dino nugget girl

Dino nugget girl

Examining the consequences of my picky-eating
Gauri Manoj
February 17, 2023
Journalists should be respected when voicing their opinion and not  censored

Protecting our voice

Examining the effects of censorship on student journalists and advisors
Abha Dash, Arjun Dhruv, and Gauri Manoj
February 15, 2023
High schools should distribute free condoms to promote positive sexual behaviors.

Changing contraception culture

Why high schools should make condoms free and easily-accessible
Sarah Liu and Gauri Manoj
February 12, 2023
Fans often tend to idolize their favorite celebrities, like Taylor Swift or Ye. Graphic by Sonia Verma

Taylor or God?

Why we need to stop idolizing celebrities
Pranati Kotamraju and Gauri Manoj
December 16, 2022
Graphic | Gauri Manoj

My could-have-been name

Exploring the value in a name
Gauri Manoj
December 16, 2022
Rapper Ye has recently come under fire for a series of controversial tweets and statements.

To Ye or not to Ye

Examining Ye’s anti-semitism and what it means to be a fan
Sameer Maheshwari, Gauri Manoj, and Darpan Singh
December 16, 2022
Who cheers for Cheer?

Who cheers for Cheer?

The cheer team describe their relationship with the football team and the community
Gauri Manoj and Vincent Zhao
November 17, 2022
Dance Instructor Anagha Kulkarni teaches her students a dance routine at the Arete Dance Center in Los Altos. 

Photo Courtesy of Anagha Kulkarni | Used with permission

Coaching through the ages

Analyzing how coaches change their coaching style depending on the age of their students
Sameer Maheshwari and Gauri Manoj
November 12, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Age in Sports

Exploring the athletic experiences of different age groups and the effects of age on one's journey in sports and coaching style

Lucky Numbers

Athletes share the stories behind why they selected their jersey numbers
Gauri Manoj and Vincent Zhao
October 14, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Post game feelings

Exploring how coaches, athletes and spectators feel after games
CHS senior Rohan Tirumala went to UC Davis Young Scholars Program to learn more about medicine. Photo courtesy of Rohan Tirumala.

“The grind never stops”

FUHSD students continue their learning at summer programs
After halftime, the Varsity Football team breaks through the Monta Vista banner onto the field. Entering the third quarter, Lowell HS led 18-16.

Football defeats Lowell 22-18 in its first game of the season

Matadors fight their way to victory with a comeback in the second half
Krish Dev and Gauri Manoj
August 29, 2022
50 Questions with Zoey Liu

50 Questions with Zoey Liu

In the 19th installment of the recurring series, El Estoque asks Zoey Liu 50 questions
From India to Taiwan to Tonga, students discuss their favorite cultural restaurants and dishes.

Students compare authentic and Americanized cultural cuisine

From Panda Express to Madras Cafe, students identify accurate representation in restaurants
Gauri Manoj
April 25, 2022
Graphic by Justin Kim

Dancing forward

Taking a look at the goals and memories of MVHS's dance organizations
jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy premiered on Netflix on Feb. 16, 2022. Photo | Netflix

“jeen-yuhs” is a riveting time capsule of Ye’s life

The three-part documentary details the mind of the misunderstood rapper
Gauri Manoj
March 17, 2022
Crossword Craze: Staff Edition

Crossword Craze: Staff Edition

Play this crossword to learn fun facts about MVHS staff members
Melody Cui, Gavin Hung, and Gauri Manoj
March 12, 2022

Crossword Craze: Staff Edition Word Bank

Word bank for print magazine crossword
Melody Cui and Gauri Manoj
March 10, 2022
Senior Rudra Phalnikar poses at the end of the routine during MV Dance Teams December to Remember showcase.

MV Andaaz members unpack the past year

Captains and members share their memories and hardships
Gauri Manoj
March 9, 2022
Sophomore Abha Dash plays the flute during Symphonic Band’s performance. Symphonic Band played two pieces titled “West Highland Sojourn” and “Waltz No. 2” before intermission.

The instrumental music department hosts its annual Festival Concert

Band and orchestra perform “From Britain with Love” with a feature from the Brass Ensemble
Melody Cui and Gauri Manoj
February 19, 2022
Seniors Theodore Zhang and Keshav Balaji hold up their posters while posing for a picture with junior Austin Hwang. Friends and family created posters for the two graduating seniors to celebrate their final home game.

Boys Basketball falls to Gunn High School 52-46 on its senior night

Seniors reflect on their final home game
Krish Dev and Gauri Manoj
February 10, 2022
ASL is the sign language most commonly used in the United States by members of the Deaf community. ASL consists of both hand motions and facial expressions that help individuals  communicate with each other.  Graphic by Gauri Manoj

Students and administrators discuss methods for helping those who are hard of hearing

Examining the experiences of students with hearing loss and current support systems
Gauri Manoj
February 3, 2022
Athletic trainer Javier Margarito and his daughter pour a cup of water on Cler’s tree before  in the nearby Olive Court to enjoy some of Cler’s favorite foods. Photo by Gauri Manoj

MVHS hosts tree dedication to honor former English teacher Stacey Cler

Staff and students come together to commemorate Cler’s lasting impacts
Melody Cui and Gauri Manoj
February 1, 2022
Seniors Shivani Verma and Esha Ramchurn stand in the front as MV Dance Team performs an in-sync whole team routine. Photo by Krish Dev

The MV Dance team hosts “A December to Remember”

Students perform in their first showcase since quarantine
Melody Cui, Krish Dev, and Gauri Manoj
December 25, 2021
Graphic by Justin Kim

‘Tis the season for…’

Delving deeper into this year's winter highlights and memories
Travis Scotts Astroworld Festival causes the death of 10 concert attendees

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival calls for a larger discussion about the safety of music concerts

Students discuss Scott’s responsibilities following the deaths of 10 attendees
Gauri Manoj
December 8, 2021
An accompanist plays chords on an electric piano while his partner sings “Blackbird” by the Beatles outside of the Le Boulanger Bakery on Main Street in Los Altos

Holiday-themed events invoke community and festive cheer

Reviewing different winter events in the Bay Area
Anushka De and Gauri Manoj
December 8, 2021
Crossword Craze: MVHS edition

Crossword Craze: MVHS edition

Play this crossword to test your MVHS knowledge
Melody Cui, Gavin Hung, and Gauri Manoj
November 3, 2021
The tricks and treats of Halloween

The tricks and treats of Halloween

Featuring the various aspects of celebrating Halloween
The Mobley family celebrates Halloween in their different costumes. Photo courtesy of Erin Mobley

MVHS community members share their favorite Halloween memories

Recollecting past Halloween experiences from being a DJ to creating a haunted house
Jayanti Jha and Gauri Manoj
October 30, 2021
Despite the outage’s challenges, band and orchestra director John Gilchrist states that each ensemble’s performance was exceptional and was pleasantly surprised with their adaptability. He also says he looks forward to exploring new music pieces and constantly improving upon each previous concert.

The MVHS instrumental music department hosts its fall concert despite power outage

Band and orchestra showcase their Halloween-themed repertoire
Aditya Shukla and Gauri Manoj
October 25, 2021
The flier for Alice in Wonderland showcases the dates and times of the play.

MV Drama opens ticket sales for its fall play

Five performances of “Alice in Wonderland” will be held from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6
Gauri Manoj
October 22, 2021
Senior Ariyal Jain leads a girls dance practice at Memorial Park. Photo illustration | Gauri Manoj

The Class of 2022: One last performance

Members of the senior class prepare for their final Homecoming skit
Gauri Manoj
September 23, 2021
Capitan and senior Ryan Hong prepares to block a goal from CHS. Photo by Melody Cui

Boys Water Polo defeats Cupertino High School 15-6

MVHS maintains a lead throughout its first win of the season
Melody Cui and Gauri Manoj
September 16, 2021
A bouquet of roses were placed in the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters to commemorate the lives lost during 9/11. Photo by Patrick Kelley

Remembering 9/11

Adults recount the tragedy and its impact on the 20th anniversary
Gauri Manoj and Alex Zhang
September 11, 2021
The Class of 2022 wins the 15 second chant-off at the Welcome Back Rally. Photo by Aditya Shukla

MVHS hosts its first rally of the year

The Class of 2022 wins the annual Welcome Back Rally
English teacher Jireh Tanabe enjoys Night by Elie Wiesel because of its lessons of empathy.

Students and teachers share their literature class favorites

From timeless classics to contemporary reads, the MVHS curriculum provides something for everyone
Gauri Manoj and Mira Wagner
August 29, 2021


Understanding the impact of diverse representation in various facets of the American entertainment industry
Senior Harshitha Pandian dances during her arangetram in 2017. Photo courtesy of Harshitha Pandian | Used with Permission

A day of dancing

Indian classical dancers discuss the preparation and execution of their arangetrams
Gauri Manoj
May 21, 2021
My brother and I at a cruise ship photoshoot in 2009. Photo courtesy of Gauri Manoj | Used with Permission

Dear Sid

How my friendship with my older brother shaped me into who I am today
Gauri Manoj
May 4, 2021
Senior Allison Leung and her teammate MVHS alumna 18 Demetra Williams practice their dives at MVHS pool.

Women in sports

Exploring the experiences of women in sports in honor of Women's History Month
Swifts fame is often attributed to men, diminishing her value as a female artist.

Who made Taylor Swift famous?

How recent sexist comments about Taylor Swift demonstrate society’s normalization of misogyny
Gauri Manoj and Mira Wagner
March 13, 2021
The Varsity and JV Girls Field Hockey teams take a picture during their practice. Photo by Charlotte Dingli | Used with Permission

JV Girls Field Hockey team faces a player shortage

The team shares how it is recruiting new members this season despite setbacks
Gauri Manoj
March 11, 2021
Exploring the stories of Cupertino residents, students and teachers

Humans of Cupertino

Discovering the stories that populate Cupertino
The freshman class officers take a group photo in their Leadership class | Photo by Ryland Adzich

A year of firsts

The freshman class officers discuss their first semester experiences and goals for the future
Gauri Manoj
January 21, 2021
Yes, she can.

Yes, she can.

Exploring different facets of feminism and how they impact students, staff and alumni
Math and physics teacher Sushma Bana believes the Bollywood industry and its films accentuate the prevalent misogyny in India

Breaking down Bollywood

How the Bollywood industry impacts Indian Americans
Gauri Manoj
November 7, 2020
Movie poster of A Quiet Place. | Paramount Pictures

Halloween movie recommendations

A mix of spooky classics and thriller movies to watch at home this Halloween
Melody Cui and Gauri Manoj
October 14, 2020
Senior Winter Bloom posts a video on TikTok and adds text to make her content more relatable. Photo by Winter Bloom | Used with Permission

TikTok trends

Students discuss the latest trends on the popular social media app
Gauri Manoj
September 25, 2020
The album art for Juice WRLDs posthumous rap album Legends Never Die.

Summer 2020 music releases provide needed relief during COVID-19

Students discuss new releases and how COVID-19 has influenced the music industry
Gauri Manoj
September 13, 2020
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