MVHS hosts its first rally of the year

The Class of 2022 wins the annual Welcome Back Rally

The annual Welcome Back Rally, the first widespread showcase of school spirit and camaraderie, was held on the upper field on Friday, Aug. 27. Students from each class, adorned in a wash of purple and gold, competed against each other in challenges such as an obstacle course, a balloon popping game and the classic class chant-off. The rally was also home to a display of performances by MVHS Spirit, the MV Dance Team and the Alma Mater by Variations. Ultimately, the Class of 2022 won first place, the Class of 2023 won second and the Classes of 2024 and 2025 tied for third. 

The Class of 2022 begins the rally with the senior breakthrough on the field, a tradition that the seniors were allowed to continue despite COVID-19 restrictions. Video by Gauri Manoj listen

The Class of 2022 starts its 15-second cheer, following cheers from the rest of the classes. Video by Aditya Shukla listen