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Jiya Singh

Jiya Singh, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Jiya is currently a senior and an Arts and Entertainment editor for El Estoque. In her free time, she enjoys pretending she isn't a theatre kid, crocheting, playing guitar and watching way too many TV sitcoms.

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New places, new faces

New places, new faces

Exploring why students leave the country for college
Kathryn Foo and Jiya Singh
June 1, 2023
Exploring the aspirations and passions of six inspiring women and girls from MVHS

Women shaping the future

Exploring the aspirations and passions of six inspiring women and girls from MVHS
Avni Gandhi, Aashna Patel, and Jiya Singh
April 20, 2023
The iconic pinkish-purple dress I wore for my Ms. Hannigan costume in Annie

Drama Queen

Jiya Singh
April 19, 2023
Media has evolved throughout time, changing in ways such as  its purpose or interface


Examining how arts and entertainment have changed through the years
Sophomore Stanley Du lays up the ball past a defender.

Photo by Manas Kottakota

Boys Basketball defeats Basis Independent Silicon Valley 71-46

Matadors outclass BHS in a must win game
Manas Kottakota, Jason Chu, and Jiya Singh
February 6, 2023
Many concerts include pits, areas where attendees can stand close to the stage and experience their favorite artists up close.

In the pit

Amplifying the stories of the MVHS community at concerts
Jiya Singh
December 23, 2022
An inside scoop: Broadway star Derek Klena is currently ranked 5th on my list.

The 101 loves of my life

Revealing the reasons behind my long list of celebrity men
Jiya Singh
December 21, 2022
According a survey of 160 people, 31% of MVHS students wear makeup regularly.

Cover up

Delving into pressures and ways the MVHS community chooses to cover up
From farm to table

From farm to table

Exploring the processes and people behind the food we eat at MVHS
Sophmore Haneen Moharram with her hijab

It’s just a choice

Observing what the hijab means to MVHS’s Muslim community
Samika Bhatkar and Jiya Singh
November 17, 2022
Lisa Smith shows off the multiple stick-and-poke tattoos she did on herself the summer before freshman year, including X’s across her knuckles and a skull.

Forever Inked

Exploring what tattoos mean to the MVHS community
Dahlia Schilling and Jiya Singh
November 10, 2022

Cafeteria Crackdown

El Estoque’s Arts & Entertainment section assesses school lunches
The Midnights album cover features Taylor Swift clicking a lighter, with the flame to her face

Taylor Swift flawlessly returns to pop with “Midnights”

“Midnights” manages to both complement and diversify the singer-songwriter’s discography
Jiya Singh and Aashi Venkat
October 26, 2022
Mask Off: Singh King Karaoke

Mask Off: Singh King Karaoke

Learning how to stop performing for others all the time
Jiya Singh
October 14, 2022
Targeted advertisements tend to pop up on social media platforms such as Instagram, and typically advertise products the user has shown prior interest in.

Ad 2 Cart

Understanding thoughts behind fashion and social media advertising
MVHS thoughts on the rise of advertisements

MVHS’ thoughts on the rise of advertisements

Unpacking the advertisements targeted toward the MVHS community
Dahlia Schilling and Jiya Singh
October 9, 2022

The Matadors prepare themselves in anticipation for Fremont High School’s offensive play.

Football loses 17-13 against Fremont High School

Matadors miss a game-winning touchdown in the final minute of the fourth quarter
Nameek Chowdhury, Jiya Singh, and Aashi Venkat
September 18, 2022
CHS senior Rohan Tirumala went to UC Davis Young Scholars Program to learn more about medicine. Photo courtesy of Rohan Tirumala.

“The grind never stops”

FUHSD students continue their learning at summer programs
Jennette McCurdy poses in front of a backdrop of her recent memoir, ready to reveal the industrys dark secrets and her true saddening story

“I’m Glad My Mom Died” reveals the harsh reality of childhood stardom

Former Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy expresses her heartbreaking past in a perfectly written memoir
Jiya Singh
August 23, 2022
It’s not really reality, but that’s OK

It’s not really reality, but that’s OK

Why reality TV Shows don’t deserve the hate they receive
Aashna Patel and Jiya Singh
June 6, 2022
Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Belshe | The chaperones for 2022s combined prom pose on the deck of the ship where prom takes place as they pass by the Golden Gate Bridge

All Aboard!

How MVHS staff use prom as a way to unwind from end-of-the-year chaos
Jiya Singh
May 26, 2022
A student hold up a sign reading Stop the Hate to represent to rise of  social justice movements, protesting, and social media in the past few years.

Wait For it

Why we can’t expect immediate change in social justice movements
Jiya Singh
April 30, 2022
The MV IASA officer team kicks off Spotlite on India 2022 with a welcome from President and senior Atmaja Patil.

IASA hosts first in-person Spotlite on India in two years

Diving deeper into the night of cultural performances
Shivani Madhan and Jiya Singh
April 18, 2022
Graphic by Mikaylah Du

Guilt off the rack

Addressing the guilt students face from fast fashion
Nameek Chowdhury and Jiya Singh
March 18, 2022
One of my strategies to release my stress was scribbling on a piece of paper, helping me be more at ease when I got ready for sleep.

The only one awake

How I learned to combat my inability to sleep
Jiya Singh
March 16, 2022
A view of 2022

A view of 2022

What MVHS students believe will be popular in 2022
Jiya Singh and Shivani Verma
February 12, 2022
The bathroom breakdown

The bathroom breakdown

Reviewing popular bathrooms at MVHS to find the best one
AP Exam fast facts

AP Exam fast facts

Taking a closer look at AP testing at MVHS
Jiya Singh
December 10, 2021
My parents sneaked a picture as I tested guitars in a music store this past summer, hoping to find my next obsession.

Enhancing my rockstar life

My journey with falling in and out of love with my guitar
Jiya Singh
December 8, 2021
One of the nights I spent crocheting the purple scarf on my bed for my moms birthday.

Gifting my time

Exploring the pressure of hand-making gifts
Jiya Singh
October 23, 2021
Photos by Michelle Chen, Diya Bahl, Ishaani Dayal and Jiya Singh

Campus opinions

Exploring the opinions students and staff hold about various topics around campus
Junior Aria Agarwal takes a nap on the floor during lunch break after getting 5 hours of sleep the night before.

“I only got 4 hours of sleep”

Exploring why students boast about limited hours of sleep
Jiya Singh
September 18, 2021
Construction in front of the tennis courts and main gym.

Back on track

Exploring the changes implemented at MVHS in preparation for a new school year
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