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Alan Tai

Alan Tai, Features Editor

Alan is currently a junior and a Features Editor for El Estoque. He is an active member of MV Speech & Debate and enjoys exploring technology. In his free time, he plays video games, messes with people and scours the internet for random topics that pique his interest.

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An opponent moves to take possession of the ball from junior Erin Handelsman. Photo by Ethan Eisler

Field Hockey beats Cupertino High School 3-1

The team improves passing and communication to win a second preseason game
Ethan Eisler and Alan Tai
September 9, 2023
The switch from the traditional paper SAT and PSAT exams to online has some students uneasy about possible technical difficulties.

Testing the digital divide

Examining how changes to the PSAT and SAT will affect MVHS
Photo illustration by Alan Tai | El Estoque | Photos courtesy of Architha Dhavala, Alan Tai and Aashi Venkat

Shifting interests

Exploring how seniors have changed their ideal career over time

Behind the blossoms

Exploring the story of the MVHS Garden
Alan Tai, Yash Thapliyal, and Eric Zhou
May 30, 2023
Gail Fretwell-Hugger stands in the Cupertino Historical Museum holding two books about Cupertinos history. Photo by Alan Tai

From past to present

Highlighting the people working to preserve Cupertino’s history
Alan Tai
May 13, 2023

The people of the Earth and Arbor Day Festival

A look into how the community supports the environment
Kathryn Foo and Alan Tai
May 1, 2023
Principal Ben Clausnitzer works in his office responding to an email.

Staying in the loop

Examining how MVHS stays transparent with the community
Alan Tai and Mihir Vishwarupe
April 12, 2023
Spring into the hunt

Spring into the hunt

Looking at the Cupertino Easter Egg Hunt’s return after COVID-19
Alan Tai
April 7, 2023
AI art has raised fears of human artists being replaced by machines.

A thin line

Exploring student and staff perspectives on artificial intelligence art
Mikaylah Du, Alan Tai, and Lillian Wang
March 12, 2023
A look at lockdowns

A look at lockdowns

With gun violence on the rise, students and staff reflect on active shooter drills
Alan Tai
February 14, 2023
The MVHS team celebrates and poses for a photo after winning the game. Photo by Brandon Xu

Boys Soccer beats Milpitas High School 3-2 in an intense game

Matadors crush the MHS comeback with a goal in the last five minutes of the game
Pranati Kotamraju, Alan Tai, and Brandon Xu
January 29, 2023
According to the New York Times, the top destinations for Californians leaving were Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

Leaving CA

Exploring why some students want to leave the state they call home
Alan Tai
December 21, 2022
starting fresh

starting fresh

sharing teachers’ first experiences at MVHS
Alan Tai and Eric Zhou
November 12, 2022
A collage of images depicting Faezan Hussain, John Swensson and William Lai from left to right. Photos courtesy of Faezan Hussain, John Swensson and William Lai | Used with permission

American heroes

Discovering how military service has influenced the lives of local residents
Alan Tai and Eric Zhou
November 11, 2022
MVHS alum 21 Oishee Misra sits in her dorm

Moving in

Exploring how former MVHS students experience dorm culture
Alan Tai
October 13, 2022
Fred Dentinger and Shawn Ells wait for customers for their garage sale.

Stories behind the Cupertino Garage Sale

Examining the items that Cupertino residents are parting ways with
Alan Tai and Alyssa Yang
October 3, 2022
Matadors at Work

Matadors at Work

Students share new jobs they’ve picked up over the summer
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