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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Senior Maaz Zafar (right) gets into position with the rest of the team to run to the other side of the field and catch the ball.

Varsity Football defeats Gunn High School 22-10

Varsity Football wins its first league game of the season following 50-8 loss against Fremont High School
Aaryan Sharma and Ananda Singh
September 23, 2023
Senior Alice Ross tries to gain possession of the ball before a LHS opponent reaches it.

Field Hockey beats Lynbrook High School 1-0

Despite challenges with air quality, the Matadors win their fourth league game of the season
Crystal Cheng, Riya Murthy, and Lindsey Tang
September 23, 2023
Maya Kumar poses in traditional Indian clothes. | Photo Courtesy of Maya Kumar | Used with permission

Ascending the stage

Examining sophomore Maya Kumar’s journey with bharatanatyam
Leah Desai and Sania Nadkarni
September 23, 2023
Sophomore Chloe Chen springs up to block a spike from GHS.

Girls Volleyball secures a 3-1 win over Gunn High School

The Matadors maintained the upper hand for most of the match
Yixuan (Joyce) Li, Jami Lim, and Liz Liu
September 23, 2023
Senior and wing Leo Matsumoto is defended by two WHS players as he attempts to score in the cage.

Boys Water Polo defeats Wilcox High School 13-11

Matadors change up their strategy and emerge with a victory after an intense first half
Daphne Huang
September 23, 2023
Junior Kevin Wu attempts to block HHS’s pass.

Boys Water Polo falls 11-4 to Homestead High School

MVHS takes its second loss, bringing its overall record to 3-2
Lily Jiang and Dylan Nguyen
September 22, 2023
Junior and middle blocker Ashley Yang jumps up to hit the ball.

Girls Volleyball defeats Los Altos High School 3-0

The Matadors come out on top in the third home game of the season
Stephanie Zhang
September 16, 2023
Sophomore Monisha Preetham attempts to gain possession of the ball from an opponent.

Field Hockey wins 5-0 against Wilcox High School

Matadors dominate in their first league game of the season
Aletheia Ju and Megha Mummaneni
September 13, 2023
Junior Sonika Wagner aims to score a goal while a CHS player attempts to block the shot. Photo by Arushi Singh

Girls Water Polo falls to Cupertino High School 5-3

Matadors lose its first game of the season after an intense first half
Arushi Singh
September 11, 2023
Senior Darya Pereverzeva weaves past an SHS defender to score a goal.

Girls Water Polo loses 18-5 against Saratoga High School

The Matadors lose their first home game of the season
Aidan Ruan and Brandon Wang
September 11, 2023
An opponent moves to take possession of the ball from junior Erin Handelsman. Photo by Ethan Eisler

Field Hockey beats Cupertino High School 3-1

The team improves passing and communication to win a second preseason game
Ethan Eisler and Alan Tai
September 9, 2023
Junior Tvisha Jain dribbles past her opponent in the first quarter. Photo by Manas Kottakota

Field Hockey falls to Branham High School 5-1

Field Hockey continues to prepare for the regular season, but fails to maintain its positive momentum
Manas Kottakota and Sagnik Nag Chowdhury
September 4, 2023
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