Matadors in Focus: Prerit Marwaha

Gauri Manoj

Senior Prerit Marwaha writes about things he is grateful for in his gratitude journal. Photo by Gauri Manoj

Every day, senior Prerit Marwaha wakes up, grabs a pen and a journal and writes the day’s date on the top. Dubbed his “gratitude journal,” the book is filled with daily items and ideas that he is grateful for, like his bed, water and the opportunity to receive a great education. He makes sure to end each of his gratitude journaling sessions with the statement, “I’m grateful to be alive” — a reminder to be grateful for even the bad experiences in life. 

“Looking around me, I realized I didn’t create anything that I used,” Marwaha said. “The least I could do was express my gratitude to the people who did.”