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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

MVHS math teacher Josh Kuo is awarded his high school diploma | Photo courtesy of Josh Kuo | Used with permission

Language barriers

Jami Lim and Stella Petzova June 2, 2024

When he was a sophomore in high school, math teacher Josh Kuo’s family immigrated from Taiwan to the Bay Area. The transition was nerve-wracking as he felt he lacked familiarity with American culture...

Photo courtesy of Rajvansh Gupta | Used with permission

Losing to win

Brandon Wang April 16, 2024

Brandon Wang · Losing to Win BW: Hello, I'm Brandon Wang and today I'm here with sophomore and Antichess grandmaster Rajvansh Gupta. Today we're going to be looking at his journey into Antichess and...

Baking up a business: Antoine’s cookie shop

Baking up a business: Antoine’s cookie shop

Eshika Tiwari and Sania Nadkarni April 6, 2024 ET: My name is...

School Resource Officer Aalok Patel poses for a photo. | Photo courtesy of Aalok Patel | Used with permission

Behind the badge

Alan Tai, Mihir Vishwarupe, and Eric Zhou April 6, 2024

EE: From assisting school administration to ensuring the safety of campuses, SROs such as Officer Aalok Patel, work to ensure that schools stay as a safe and proactive community in the area we live...

Sophomore Christopher Lamfalusi attempts a pass during a hockey game.

Time Out! Ep. 16: Christopher Lamfalusi

Leah Desai and Sania Nadkarni March 2, 2024

LD: Hi everyone, I'm Leah. SN: And I'm Sania.  LD: Welcome to Episode 16 of Time Out! where we dive into the sports scene at Monta Vista, and explore the journeys of different athletes. Here...

Junior Jessie Ko poses with a faux bouquet of flowers she crocheted. Graphic | Samika Bhatkar

A knotted habit

Samika Bhatkar March 2, 2024

SB: Hi, my name is Samika Bhatkar and I'm here with junior Jessie Ko, one of the founders of MVHS’s new Crochet Club, who will be sharing her experience with crocheting. How long have you been doing...

A night to remember

A night to remember

Corinna Kuo and Kathryn Foo January 26, 2024

Sophie Minogue Corinna K. · Sophie Minogue SM: It was a normal dream at first, and I was walking around my house. And then I got into bed, and then I realized, ‘Oh, this is a dream, right?’...

Junior Clara Fun jumps to shoot the ball during a varsity girls basketball game.

Hitting the breaking point

Anika Bhandarkar and Alyssa Yang December 23, 2023
Examining how athletes at MVHS have experienced and overcome burnout within their sports
Maria Rodriguez and her two children attend the protest to advocate for workers rights.

APEC: AAPI pioneers

Sophia D'Sa, Taryn Lam, and Varun Singh December 10, 2023
Uncovering the impact of the APEC conference on local AAPI leaders and communities
Graphic | Sarah Liu

Stereotypes Podcast Part 3: Linguistics in Movies

Sarah Liu and Michelle Zheng December 6, 2023

S: Hi, I’m Sarah. M: Hi, I’m Michelle. S and M: And today, we will be discussing linguistic stereotyping in movies. M: We’ll be exploring how the use of language stereotypes in movies...

Bad art and the room to improve

Jillian Ju and Giljoon Lee December 2, 2023

TW: You’re tearing me apart, Lisa! GL & JJ: Oh, hi audience.  JJ: What you just heard was the most iconic line from the 2003 independent film “The Room,” produced and starred by Tommy...

Former MVHS student and current junior Mira Sarang’s experience with rehab has encouraged her to stay sober.

From addiction to recovery

Ananya Chaudhary, Dylan Nguyen, and Aashi Venkat November 29, 2023

Dylan Nguyen · From addiction to recoverydoc Trigger warning: This story mentions substance abuse. Transcript: AC: Hi guys, my name is Ananya Chaudhary. DN: My name is Dylan Nguyen.  AV:...

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