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Anna Jerolimov

Anna Jerolimov, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Anna is currently a senior and a co-editor-in-chief for El Estoque. She also plays field hockey at MVHS. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, reading memoirs and taking photos of her family and friends.

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I am a collage of all the people I’ve met before and all that I’ve held important to me in the past, and that is something that will never change.


Coming to terms with my fear of change
Anna Jerolimov
May 30, 2023
I think you should...

I think you should…

Exploring the MVHS community's opinions on giving and receiving advice
The ideal of the American Dream is that of a country with equal opportunity for success — where anyone can have the life they want if they try hard enough to get it.

The American Dream

Examining the immigration stories of MVHS parents
Anna Jerolimov and Irene Tang
April 14, 2023
Senior Belen Demlew applies makeup. Demlews interest in makeup began from watching YouTube tutorials in middle school.

Balmdotcom: senior Belen Demlew shares her passion for beauty on her personal website

Demlew posts about her personal experiences with skincare and makeup online in an effort to build community
Anna Jerolimov
March 21, 2023
Out of line

Out of line

Exploring how anger, sadness and loss can cause the lines of respect to disappear in the heat of the game
Senior Varshini Peddinti drives past an opponent in the Varsity Girls Basketball game against Palo Alto High School on Thursday, Jan. 12, which the team lost 54-45. The Matadors currently have a season record of 15-6.

Winter Sports Recap

Examining the 2022-23 winter sports season results
Anna Jerolimov
February 16, 2023
Behind the scenes: MVSNL

Behind the scenes: MVSNL

Examining the process behind producing Monta Vista Saturday Night Live
Nameek Chowdhury and Anna Jerolimov
February 16, 2023
Junior and captain Himani Jha serves to her opponent during a game against Mountain View High School on Sept. 7, where the team won 4-3.

To the top

Detailing the Varsity Girls Tennis team’s journey to winning CCS and becoming NorCal runners up
Anna Jerolimov and Kripa Mayureshwar
December 14, 2022
Dont ask questions

Don’t ask questions

How the American school system discourages curiosity
Tvisha Gupta and Anna Jerolimov
November 15, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Age in Sports

Exploring the athletic experiences of different age groups and the effects of age on one's journey in sports and coaching style
AP Biology teacher Renee Fallon encounters a marina iguana in one of her scuba diving trips. Photo courtesy of Renee Fallon

Not slowing down

Community members discuss how the way they play sports has changed throughout the years
Anna Jerolimov and Michelle Zheng
November 8, 2022
The team celebrates after winning the final point in the fourth set, defeating HHS 3-1.

Girls Volleyball beats Hillsdale High School 3-1 in the CCS Semifinals

Matadors advance to the CCS Finals against Aragon High School on Nov. 5
Meggie Chen, Anna Jerolimov, and Michelle Zheng
November 4, 2022
What can we do?

What can we do?

Coming to terms with the individual impact we have on combating climate change
Melody Cui and Anna Jerolimov
October 14, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Post game feelings

Exploring how coaches, athletes and spectators feel after games
Sophomore Jami Lim checks her schedule

Runaway of the bulls

Students and staff discuss the reasons for and the impacts of the cancellation of ROTB
50 Questions with Zoey Liu

50 Questions with Zoey Liu

In the 19th installment of the recurring series, El Estoque asks Zoey Liu 50 questions
30 minutes or less

30 minutes or less

Teachers discuss possible agreements on reduction of homework time
Anna Jerolimov and Lillian Wang
May 27, 2022
Calling to communicate

Calling to communicate

Exploring how the MVHS community stays connected through voice
Like Sophomore Esther Suh, many individuals utilize messaging platforms to connect with others for reasons ranging from talking to friends and family to work related purposes.

Connected through texting

Exploring the benefits and drawbacks of digital communication
Sophomore Yotaro Sato pitches the ball during the second inning of the game against Saratoga High School on March 24, which they lost 13-1.

Spring season sports recap

Showcasing games and practices from MVHS’s spring season sports teams
People often assume others racial identity based on preconceived notions surrounding their physical appearance.

White passing

Forcing mixed race people to choose one reinforces arbitrary racial categories
Anna Jerolimov
March 31, 2022
Junior Jesse Li and sophomore Elijah Kang jump to block a hit from Mountain View.

Boys Volleyball falls to Mountain View High School 3-0

A loss brings the Matadors’ league record to 3-2
Tvisha Gupta and Anna Jerolimov
March 28, 2022
Junior and captain Lance Fuchia gets ready to smash the birdie over the net. Photo by Anna Jerolimov

Badminton narrowly defeats Cupertino High School 16-14

A tiebreaking match allows MVHS to take the victory
Sophomore Varchas Athreya passes the ball in the first set of the game, which MVHS won 26-24.

Boys Volleyball triumphs over Cupertino High School in straight sets

MVHS wins three close sets in its second home game
Anna Jerolimov and Mira Wagner
March 21, 2022
Juniors Julianna Kimm and Lucy Choy celebrate after the team’s 49-25 defeat of Sequoia High School in the first round of CCS playoffs. Photo by Lance Tong

Refuse to lose

Girls Basketball goes 12-0 in league and competes in three rounds of CCS playoffs
Anna Jerolimov and Michelle Zheng
March 18, 2022
Athlete of the Month: Ben Richardson

Athlete of the Month: Ben Richardson

Senior Ben Richardson discusses his soccer journey
Anna Jerolimov
March 16, 2022
Analyzing Girls Basketball’s undefeated league season and CCS run

Analyzing Girls Basketball’s undefeated league season and CCS run

A timeline of the Varsity Girls Basketball team’s 2021-2022 season achievements
Anna Jerolimov and Lance Tong
March 12, 2022
French teacher Janissa Zahns pen pals would send photos of themselves and their life in France.

Exchanging Letters

Sharing the handwritten letters that MVHS students, staff and community members have sent and received
As methods of communication such as emailing and calling became more popular in the 1990s, English teacher Shozo Shimazaki remembers thinking that the post office would go out of business, but the letters that people sent across the world remain in our history.

The forgotten art of writing letters

Exploring the impacts of written forms of communication from loved ones
Senior and captain Jasmita Yechuri outruns a CHS opponent in pursuit of the ball.

Girls Soccer defeats Cupertino High School 2-0 on its senior night

Matadors win their final home game of the 2021-22 season
Anna Jerolimov and Kalyani Puthenpurayil
February 14, 2022
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