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Michelle Zheng

Michelle Zheng, Managing Editor

Michelle is currently a senior and a managing editor for El Estoque. In her free time, she likes to try new restaurants and watch dramas.

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Photo | Meggie Chen

The invisible gap

The generational gap between students and teachers affects their interactions in the classroom
Meggie Chen and Michelle Zheng
January 27, 2024
Graphic by Aletheia Ju

Elusive living

Cupertino’s housing market creates an unsustainable environment for long term residence
Photo | Sonia Verma

Politics in the classroom

Investigating whether teachers’ political identities should be incorporated into their curriculum
Sonia Verma and Michelle Zheng
December 9, 2023
Graphic | Sarah Liu

Stereotypes Podcast Part 3: Linguistics in Movies

Discussing different linguistic stereotypes in movies and their effects
Sarah Liu and Michelle Zheng
December 6, 2023
Graphic | Michelle Zheng

Shifting away from electric vehicles

We need more than green vehicles to prevent climate change
Ethan Yang and Michelle Zheng
November 29, 2023
School safety

School safety

Exploring approaches to support students' physical and mental well-being
An MVHS varsity soccer player uses the turf to practice.

Back to grass?

Expiration of turf contracts sparks debate between grass and artificial fields
Corinna Kuo, Michelle Zheng, and Eric Zhou
November 3, 2023
Junior Clara Fan prepares to make another attempt in her high jump event at the Saint Francis Track and Field Invitational, with her lucky tape wrapped around her left wrist. 

Photo courtesy of Clara Fan | Used with permission


Examining MVHS athletes pre-game rituals and good luck tokens
Abha Dash and Michelle Zheng
November 3, 2023
De Leon and Yoo (both on far left) huddle with the Varsity Field Hockey team, discussing strategies for the game against Wilcox High School on Sept. 11. Photo | Lily Jiang

Amelia de Leon: from player to Head Coach

Featuring the new Head Coach of the Varsity Field Hockey team
Leah Desai and Michelle Zheng
October 10, 2023
Graphic | Michelle Zheng

Sports team expenses

How the district, Monta Vista Athletic Boosters and ASB help fund the athletic department
Lily Jiang and Michelle Zheng
September 29, 2023
Academic experieces may range across classes based on how coherent curriculum is implemented.

Working towards a coherent curriculum through equitable grading practices

Exploring FUHSD student and staff opinions on implementing ‘Grading for Equity’
The storefront of Red Rock Coffee located in Mountain View.

Dessert detectives: Red Rock Coffee

Reviewing popular menu items based on quality and taste
Michelle Zheng
June 5, 2023
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

The final run ep 1: Boys Basketball

Discussing with seniors Austin Hwang, Shreyas Inampudi, Dominic Kellogg III, Itai Lavi and Leonardo Sze about their final CCS and season
Aditya Shukla and Michelle Zheng
May 15, 2023

EE Tries Sports: Football

El Estoque competes against the MVHS Varsity Football team in Flag Football
The players jump up in excitement as their teammate scores a three-pointer towards the end of the final quarter.

Boys Basketball ends historic season losing 78-55 to first-seeded Saint Francis High

MVHS’s Cinderella run comes to an end in the third round of CCS playoffs
Minjae Kang, Vincent Zhao, and Michelle Zheng
February 25, 2023
At the end of the fourth quarter, senior Dominic Kellogg walks off the court to celebrate the win with his teammates.

Boys Basketball wins in second round CCS Playoff game against Gunn High School 66-56

Varsity Boys Basketball advances to face St. Francis High School in the third round of the CCS Playoffs
Darpan Singh, Vincent Zhao, and Michelle Zheng
February 21, 2023
2023 CIF Central Coast Section Championships

2023 CIF Central Coast Section Championships

Learn more about the CCS Tournament for the Varsity Girls Basketball, Varsity Boys Basketball and Wrestling
Senior Itai Lavi attempts to score a three-pointer in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Boys Basketball beats Overfelt High School 76-51 in first round of CCS playoffs

MVHS advances to second round of playoffs against Gunn High School
Michelle Zheng
February 19, 2023
Senior and captain Ishita Pesati defends the ball from her opponent.

Girls Soccer beats Cupertino High School 1-0 on its senior night

Matadors emerge third in league and end the season with a win
Meggie Chen and Michelle Zheng
February 17, 2023
Senior Rohin Inani, who was the stand-in Boys Tennis coach during the 2021-22 season, serves a ball.

The search for spring sport coaching

Looking into the lack of coaching for the spring season
Anika Bhandarkar, Kathryn Foo, and Michelle Zheng
February 11, 2023
Clubs in Sports

Clubs in Sports

Exploring the similarities and differences between club and school sports
Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach Sara Borelli coaches the team after the end of the first quarter in the game against Saratoga High School on Thursday Jan. 26.

Same sport, different situations

Exploring the similarities and differences between school and club coaches
Crystal Cheng and Michelle Zheng
February 10, 2023
Junior Varsity Sports

Junior Varsity Sports

Exploring the experiences of JV players, teams and coaches at MVHS

Man on the street: Arm Wrestling

Challenging students to arm wrestling matches throughout the campus
Sophomore Clara Fan protects the ball from an SCHS defender as she attempts to score points in the third quarter. Photo by Manas Kottakota

Girls Basketball defeats Santa Clara 51-33 to kick off the season

Matadors win the sportsmanship game, the first game of the season
Jason Chu, Manas Kottakota, and Michelle Zheng
November 19, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Age in Sports

Exploring the athletic experiences of different age groups and the effects of age on one's journey in sports and coaching style
AP Biology teacher Renee Fallon encounters a marina iguana in one of her scuba diving trips. Photo courtesy of Renee Fallon

Not slowing down

Community members discuss how the way they play sports has changed throughout the years
Anna Jerolimov and Michelle Zheng
November 8, 2022
Water polo coaches Himani Kukreja and Shravya Guda graduated from MVHS in 2012 after four years on the Girls Water Polo team.

Coming back to coach

Water polo coaches share their experiences from playing for MVHS to coaching
Lillian Wang and Michelle Zheng
November 5, 2022
The team celebrates after winning the final point in the fourth set, defeating HHS 3-1.

Girls Volleyball beats Hillsdale High School 3-1 in the CCS Semifinals

Matadors advance to the CCS Finals against Aragon High School on Nov. 5
Meggie Chen, Anna Jerolimov, and Michelle Zheng
November 4, 2022
Senior Anna Jerolimov maintains possession of the ball as she tries to find an opening to pass the ball to her teammates. Photo by Michelle Zheng

Field Hockey loses 2-0 to Valley Christian High School on its senior night

Seniors reflect on their performance throughout the season and convey their thoughts on the team’s future
Arjun Dhruv, Lily Jiang, and Michelle Zheng
October 31, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Post game feelings

Exploring how coaches, athletes and spectators feel after games
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