MV Drama opens ticket sales for its fall play

Five performances of “Alice in Wonderland” will be held from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6

Gauri Manoj

The flier for “Alice in Wonderland” showcases the dates and times of the play.

Tickets for MV Drama’s “Alice in Wonderland” are now available for purchase: $7 for children, $12 for students and $15 for adults. Five performances will be held in the auditorium at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 28, Oct. 29, Oct. 30, Nov. 5 and Nov. 6. A unique aspect of this play is the location changes of the scenes, in which the audience moves to different places on campus to watch the various stages in Alice’s life. 

Director and drama teacher Hannah Gould notes that this play is “not your traditional fall play” and is her distinct adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s original “Alice in Wonderland,” in an email sent on Oct. 20 to MVHS staff. The plot follows 10 versions of Alice at different points in their life, taking place before their freshman year and ending with their high school graduation. As Alice journeys through their teenage years in Wonderland, they struggle with transitioning into adolescence and finding a sense of identity. 

Junior Dillon Huang, who plays the Eight of Clubs, shares that the play’s location changes have been challenging to get used to, as performers need to smoothly transition between places like the rally court, blackbox and auditorium. Still, Huang believes that this special addition to the play helps increase audience engagement, referencing a specific scavenger hunt scene where Alice takes audience members around different stations in the rally court to obtain certain objects.

“I’m excited to see how it plays out because we’ve never actually made a full run [of the play] yet,” Huang said. “I really want to see how we use the setting to our advantage, how we can get to know the audience better and how we can get the audience to know the characters better as well.”  


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