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Live action ‘Mulan’ is visually stunning and historically accurate, but lacks charm and focus

Live action ‘Mulan’ is visually stunning and historically accurate, but lacks charm and focus

Vivian Jiang

September 25, 2020

On Sept. 4, the live-action movie adaptation of Disney’s 1998 “Mulan” was released to the public through Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+. Those who subscribe to the streaming station could purchase the film for $30. While it is unclear how much the movie has made so far, “Mulan” has cl...

Budding musicians

Junior Jacob Vrabel began learning to play the guitar over the summer with help from his parents, as his dad has played guitar for 15 years, and his mom has played since she was young.

Claire Wen

September 25, 2020

he B chord. “That thing is evil,” junior Jacob Vrabel said. Vrabel, who began learning guitar during the summer due to the lack of outdoor activities because of the COVID-19 pandemic, finds the B chord especially difficult: it’s a bar chord that requires holding down all the strings with an...

TikTok trends

Senior Winter Bloom posts a video on TikTok and adds text to make her content more relatable. Photo by Winter Bloom | Used with Permission

Gauri Manoj

September 25, 2020

Students discuss the latest trends on the popular social media app

Strawberries À La Mode

Senior Catherine Vo posted fan art of mxmtoon in the strawberry dress on @cadphy, her Instagram account.

Shivani Verma

September 25, 2020

Pale, blush pink fabric. Delicately puffed sleeves and soft frills. A long skirt made up of layers of airy tulle. And most eye-catching of all — glittering ruby strawberries looking almost delectable enough to eat. It seems to come straight out of the most whimsical daydreams. Known as the stra...

Puppies of quarantine

Mochi is junior Marvin Wu’s family’s first pet. Wu and his family play with her in their backyard.

Andie Liu

September 25, 2020

MVHS students share their experiences with their new pets

Homemade Hipster: On-the-go breakfasts

Photo by Annie Zhang

Annie Zhang and Ishaani Dayal

September 24, 2020

ornings can be hectic and rushed with 8 a.m Zoom classes, but cooking a nutritious and appetizing breakfast doesn’t have to be a chore. With basic ingredients such as bananas and yogurt from your kitchen, making breakfast can take no more than five minutes. Watch the video below to try out five brea...

Evolution of style in quarantine

Evolution of style in quarantine

Ishaani Dayal, Justin E Kim, Andie Liu, Aditya Shukla, Mira Wagner, and Annie Zhang

September 24, 2020

rom high fashion Parisian-inspired apparel to leisure wear, MVHS students have been changing up and expressing themselves through fashion while in quarantine. As students adapt to distance learning, their additional time out of school has been a time to self reflect and to reevaluate how to best prese...

Transitioning from a hands-on to hands-off classroom proves challenging

Photo by Jodi Johnson | Used with permission

Justin E Kim and Mira Wagner

September 18, 2020

Students and teachers explain the adjustment to learning over Zoom

Video games that peaked over summer

Posters of the video games Battlegrounds, Among Us, and Fall Guys. | Photos from Pc Gamer, Game Breaves,  DevolverDigital

Melody Cui

September 16, 2020

A review of Battlegrounds, Fall Guys and Among Us