El Estoque

About us

El Estoque is a national award-winning student publication that has reported on and for Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, Calif., since 1969.

Our print magazine is published once a month and our website is updated daily. Our content — which is entirely generated and produced by a journalism class of around 50 students — ranges from traditional coverage like in-depth investigative stories and breaking news to multimedia features like videos and photo galleries. The goal of all our content is to inform and entertain the student body and local community.

Staff applications for the current academic year are closed. To join next year’s staff, please check back in April. New staff members are selected through a written application process as well as interviews.

Contact us at [email protected] or through this submission form.

Editors-in-Chief: Rana Aghababazadeh and Roshan Fernandez

Managing Editors: Helen Chao, Ruth Feng, Gauri Kaushik

Copy Editors: Charlotte Chui

Web Editors: Shar Rahman

News Editors: Sunjin Chang, Jasmine Lee and Andrea Perng

Sports Editors: Ankit Gupta and Anish Vasudevan

Entertainment Editors: Alyssa Hui, Hannah Lee, Jahan Razavi and Emily Xia

Opinion Editors: Zara Iqbal, Stuti Upadhyay and Claire Yang

Special Report Editors: Claire Chang, Shuvi Jha, Swara Tewari and Jai Uparkar

Visuals Editor: Rajas Habbu

Beat Editors: Chelsea Wong

Business Editors: Zara Iqbal

Staff Writers: Robert Borrego, Aditya Dash, Sreya Kumar, Katerina Pappas, Ishani Singh, Rucha Soman and Julia Yang

Adviser: Julia Satterthwaite