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Ananya Chaudhary

Ananya Chaudhary, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ananya is currently a junior and Arts & Entertainment editor for El Estoque. She enjoys reading, watching "How I Met Your Mother" (all nine seasons) and going on walks with her dog.

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Pop sensation Taylor Swift debuted as a country artist in 2005, and has grown astronomically since then. Photos courtesy of Kiana Mark.

Taylor takeover

Various colleges newly establish Taylor Swift-focused courses
Ananya Chaudhary and Jason Chu
April 8, 2024
For senior Anqi Chen, art can take a large quanity of their time, ranging from hours to days. Photo courtesy of Anqi Chen.

The perfect balance

Artists reflect on the time they put into their pieces
Ananya Chaudhary and Varun Singh
April 6, 2024
Economic teacher Pete Pelkey worked in a variety of professions, ranging from being a paramedic to working at a funeral home.

Pete Pelkey’s peculiar past

How economics teacher Pete Pelkey’s past job experiences shaped his view on life
Illustration | Michelle Zheng

Viral vs. verified

The emerging prominence of social media raises concerns for journalists
Ananya Chaudhary and Michelle Zheng
March 8, 2024
“Consent and Tea,” falls short in its attempt to teach students the importance of consent. Graphic | Ananya Chaudhary

Consent is not a cup of tea

The Title IX advisory inaccurately depicts sexual consent, diminishing its impact
Ananya Chaudhary and Dahlia Schilling
February 29, 2024
Cases of real-life tragedy are turned into true crime content.

Tragedy to television

Students and staff share their controversies with the true crime fascination
Ananya Chaudhary and Stella Petzova
January 26, 2024
2023 Year in-review

2023 Year in-review

El Estoque's Art & Entertainment section reviews popular media from 2023
Ananya Chaudhary and Stella Petzova
January 24, 2024
The “Orquídeas” album cover portrays Grammy-winning musician Kali Uchis submerged in water, covered in orchid petals and surrounded by vibrant cool tones.

‘Orquídeas’ embodies the elegance of the orchid

Kali Uchis’s fourth studio album, while predictable, delivers emotional depth
Ananya Chaudhary
January 20, 2024
After performing at the Rolling Loud California 2023 concert, rapper Lil Uzi Vert was confronted with criticism for the demonic references in his music. Photo Illustration | Ellie Wang

The Satanic surge

Delving into the impact of Satanic themes in media on the MVHS community
Ananya Chaudhary, Aaryan Sharma, and Ellie Wang
December 6, 2023
Tupac Shakurs songs Changes and Until the End of Time are analyzed in ninth grade literature during the poetry unit. Photo | ©Ron Galella/Gettyimages.

Tuning in on Tupac

Exploring '90s hip-hop rapper Tupac’s influence on the Bay Area
Ananya Chaudhary
December 5, 2023
Former MVHS student and current junior Mira Sarang’s experience with rehab has encouraged her to stay sober.

From addiction to recovery

Exploring junior Mira Sarang’s journey with substance abuse and rehabilitation
Ananya Chaudhary, Dylan Nguyen, and Aashi Venkat
November 29, 2023
The “Heaven knows” album cover portrays PinkPantheress posing in a white silk dress with a white dove flying above her.

‘Heaven knows’ only knows how to stray away from prior success

In the attempt for diversity, PinkPantheress’ second studio album lacks cohesiveness
Ananya Chaudhary and Dylan Nguyen
November 14, 2023


Taking a glimpse at the impact of fashion at MVHS
Junior Ian Lin faces the wall, showcasing his thrifted merch of hip-hop artist Drake.

Vintage is the new vogue

Examining the circulation of fashion trends at MVHS
Ananya Chaudhary and Dylan Nguyen
November 2, 2023
Junior Samantha Tong (left) and sophomore Chloe Chen (right) block an incoming spike from LGHS.

Girls Volleyball falls to Los Gatos High School 3-2

Girls Volleyball played an intense match against Los Gatos High coming down to a five-set game
Sophomores Megan Liu, Sophia DSa and Shannon Yu take the first position of the girls dance.

Gotta catch ’em all

Sophomores battle their way through the Pokemon world on the second day of Homecoming
Ananya Chaudhary and Benjamin Zhang
September 27, 2023
Ruth (Hattie McDaniel) laces up Vivian Leigh (Scarlet O’Hare) while trying to convince her to eat something before leaving.

Diversity without representation

Examining how forced diversity obscures the importance of real representation
Ananya Chaudhary
September 15, 2023
Laying on the floor dressed in silver, the “Bewitched” album cover portrays Laufey alluringly staring at the audience.

‘Bewitched’ flawlessly paints a portrait of unrequited love

Laufey’s sophomore album beautifully juxtaposes themes of love and heartbreak
Ananya Chaudhary
September 11, 2023
Educators Yau-Jong Twu, Matthew Beat and Dave Farina are some of the YouTubers that MVHS teachers play in class.


Exploring how MVHS teachers use YouTube videos in class
Ananya Chaudhary and Krish Dev
June 3, 2023
The XO, Kitty series poster portrays Kitty surrounded by her friends and love interests.

‘XO, Kitty’ is an unnecessary spinoff

The sequel series of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is overwhelmingly chaotic
Ananya Chaudhary
May 27, 2023
Graffiti is an abstract art-form that allows artist to express themselves and their emotions.

Taking a glance at graffiti

Community members share their opinions on the artistic value of graffiti
Ananya Chaudhary and Lillian Wang
May 16, 2023
I think you should...

I think you should…

Exploring the MVHS community's opinions on giving and receiving advice
Sibling stepping stones

Sibling stepping stones

Exploring how sibling advice affects the high school experience
Ananya Chaudhary
April 10, 2023
The Economy in Cupertino

The Economy in Cupertino

Exploring changes in the Cupertino economy
 Food service workers in Santa Clara County earn an hourly wage of 16.59 dollars and an annual income of 34,500 dollars

Weighing in on wages

Examining the wage differences in Santa Clara County compared to the rest of the United States
Ananya Chaudhary
February 15, 2023
Under the influence

Under the influence

Exploring the effects of substance usage in the MVHS community
High winds cause a tree to fall on Mann Drive, blocking a parking lot and the sidewalk.

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb cyclone hits Cupertino

Bomb cyclone in the Pacific Ocean causes high winds, storm warnings and power outages in the Bay Area
Ananya Chaudhary
January 5, 2023
The Drug Enforcement Administration released a public warning about the rise in seizures of colorful fentanyl pills, dubbed rainbow fentanyl, on Aug. 30.

In the face of fentanyl

Understanding the fentanyl crisis in Santa Clara County
Ananya Chaudhary and Lillian Wang
December 22, 2022
Always Connected

Always Connected

Looking into the MVHS community's issues with social media
Enola Holmes 2 is a mediocre sequel

Enola Holmes 2 is a mediocre sequel

The predictability of the events leaves the film underwhelming and transparent
Ananya Chaudhary
November 12, 2022
In only the first three quarters of 2022 alone, TikTok has had 571 million downloads


Exploring the influence TikTok has on high school students
Ananya Chaudhary
November 12, 2022

Man on the Street: What’s your Halloween costume?

Showcasing the MVHS community’s Halloween spirit.
Homecoming 2022

Homecoming 2022

A recap of Homecoming 2022 at MVHS
Freshmen and Homecoming Court members Courtney Masli and Shivansh Kelkar celebrate on stage during halftime. Photo by Krish Dev.

Homecoming 2022 winds down under Friday night lights

Performances and Homecoming Court ceremony held during halftime
Ananya Chaudhary and Nameek Chowdhury
October 17, 2022
Freshman Courtney Masli strikes a pose during the girls’ dance.

Class of 2026’s Homecoming Performance

Freshmen time travel with a “Back to the Future” themed skit
The Class of 2024 celebrates with confetti at the end of its performance.

Class of 2024’s Homecoming Performance

Juniors kick off Homecoming Week with a “Ghostbusters” themed skit
Ananya Chaudhary and Krish Dev
October 10, 2022
With scripts in hand, seniors Jaewon Shim (right) and Darpan Singh (left) practice their lines for the skit.

Setting up Homecoming Week

Examining the process for preparing class skits
The “MOSS” album cover features Maya Hawke self-reflecting over a retro background.

“MOSS” is a dull exploration of memories

Maya Hawke looks back on her past in her sophomore new album and reveals the introspection of her past
Ananya Chaudhary and Manas Kottakota
October 2, 2022
Over recent years. there has been a growing discussion about law enforcement and their role in American society.

Shifting opinions around SROs

Recent Student Resource Officer contract renewal sparks controversy
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