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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Life360, a popular location tracking app, can often be misused by parents and children, making the app less effective in its purpose.

All eyes on me

Uncovering the downsides of overusing Life360
Aashi Venkat
May 31, 2023
Students note that parental controls can sometimes feel overly restrictive, with 52% of MVHS students reporting that they feel dissatisfied with the controls on their device(s).

Under CTRL

Examining student and parent opinions on parental controls
What we were left with after the summer was an inevitably faded version of what we had before. Photo Illustration | Crystal Cheng

To all the friendships I’ve left behind

Exploring the feeling of drifting apart from friends
Crystal Cheng
May 19, 2023
Halle Bailey as Ariel in Disneys upcoming The Little Mermaid live action remake.

Who’s watching?

Evaluating forms of criticism of movies and TV shows
Sonia Verma
May 18, 2023
I told my parents that I wanted my future to include the ocean — to spend time diving into and looking at the marine life that expanded across the world.

Running from the riptide

Exploring how my childhood passion for marine biology shifted as I grew older
Riya Murthy
May 9, 2023
A few of the memoirs from the movies my dad and I watched in theaters together. Photo by Sagnik Nag Chowdhury

A cinematic connection

Examining how movies brought my dad and I closer
Sagnik Nag Chowdhury
April 27, 2023
I think you should...

I think you should…

Exploring the MVHS community's opinions on giving and receiving advice
The iconic pinkish-purple dress I wore for my Ms. Hannigan costume in Annie

Drama Queen

Jiya Singh
April 19, 2023
Humor is subjective, and jokes about race are not different – its the situational context and understanding of the community that dictate whether theyre appropriate or not.

Is it a racist joke or just a joke about race?

Exploring the nuances and morals of race jokes
Meggie Chen
April 17, 2023
Recycled actors in purported Asian films ironically reveal the lack of diversity that plagues the film industry.

It’s the same people

Recycling actors reveals a lack of Asian representation in the entertainment industry
Meggie Chen
April 17, 2023
My grandparents struggled to accept my academically-inclined nature, attempting instead to have me stick with more traditional beliefs.

Bridging the gender gap

Working with my grandparents to break their traditional beliefs
Tvisha Gupta
April 15, 2023
A recent drawing I drew in one of my art classes

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Exploring how my passion for art has grown over the years
Trisha Sannappanavar
April 15, 2023
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