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Language in Media

Language in Media

Examining how the rhetoric used in modern media permeates our daily lives
The most prominent voice is against Regnarts closure.

Regnart parents discuss their views

December 11, 2021
Regnart Elementary School parents share their thoughts on the school closure
Graphic by Kripa Mayureshwar

Bloom: Am I Indian enough?

Shivani Verma December 11, 2021
Processing my feelings about being Indian American
AP Exam fast facts

AP Exam fast facts

Jiya Singh December 10, 2021
Taking a closer look at AP testing at MVHS
The 4 key themes of the Ethnic Studies curriculum are identity, history and movement, systems of power, and social movements and equity.

Ethnic Studies is required beginning 2025-26 school year

Diya Bahl December 10, 2021
How the recent California requirement should be implemented at MVHS
Along with tasty green smoothies, the that girl lifestyle prescribes perfection in every sense.

I don’t want to be “that girl”

Tvisha Gupta December 10, 2021
Learning how to stop idealizing unrealistic lifestyles
Different aspects of the humanities.

Pursuing a passion

Sonia Verma December 10, 2021
Students and staff reflect on how their involvement in the humanities has affected potential careers
My journey learning to study Photo Cover. Graphic by Gavin Hung

My journey learning to study

Gavin Hung December 10, 2021
Memorizing content instead of fully understanding it is an inefficient way to study
Ive struggled with trying to define my own passions separately from what Im told that I should want.

What do I want?

April Wang, Staff Writer December 10, 2021

Early last year, my parents surprised me with a wonderful birthday present: a college counselor. What fun. After I put the looming and inescapable anxiety of having to actually get my life together...

My parents sneaked a picture as I tested guitars in a music store this past summer, hoping to find my next obsession.

Enhancing my rockstar life

Jiya Singh December 8, 2021

As the stage lights brightened and the stomping grew louder, the audience began chanting the band’s name, over and over — “Lemonade Mouth! Lemonade Mouth! Lemonade Mouth!” As fifth grade me...

Travis Scotts Astroworld Festival causes the death of 10 concert attendees

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival calls for a larger discussion about the safety of music concerts

Gauri Manoj December 8, 2021
Students discuss Scott’s responsibilities following the deaths of 10 attendees
Learning to eat bitter forced me to confront the pessimistic mindset Id built around hard work and success.

Eat bitter(sweet)

Meggie Chen December 8, 2021
Learning how to 吃苦, or “eat bitter”
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