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During quarantine, I took up baking as a way to cure my sugar cravings.

Food is my friend (and foe)

Sarah Liu December 7, 2021

I’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I insisted on having dessert after every single meal. When my parents would encourage me to try different foods at buffet dinners,...

The urge to the turn the hands of a clock back to the past is never-ending, but it is vital to suppress it.

Let’s stop turning back the time

Tvisha Gupta December 7, 2021
Romanticising the past does more harm than good
Its time to take action against climate change. Whats a better place to start than our textbooks?

Comprehensive climate curriculum is crucial

Sarah Liu December 7, 2021

Climate change is part of the core curriculum of three MVHS courses: freshman Biology, AP Biology and AP Environmental Science. Yet, only one of these courses is required for graduation.  In a world...

Examining the impact of social media platforms in light of new accusatory claims

Profits over People: How Facebook’s internal designs and systems harm its users

Melody Cui December 5, 2021
Examining the impact of social media platforms in light of new accusatory claims
My COVID repercussions

My COVID repercussions

Geethikaa Tarra November 27, 2021
Sharing the untimely and unexpected effects of contracting COVID-19
Man on the street: Should we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Man on the street: Should we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Mikaylah Du and Angela Zhang November 25, 2021
Discussing whether the holiday should be observed given its history
Debunking the Thanksgiving Fantasy

Debunking the Thanksgiving Fantasy

Lillian Wang November 25, 2021

In fifth grade, we cut feathers from colored cardstock and glued them to paper headbands. We played as tribesmen and explorers – innocent, awed by the tales of friendship and gratitude we were told of...

Although realizing and embracing my sexual orientation has been a terrifying experience, releasing this butterfly and ultimately coming out has been incredibly rewarding

Undergoing metamorphosis

Aashi Venkat November 25, 2021
My experience of finally coming to terms with my identity


Examing the role of perception in our lives
An illustration of a student shedding their mask and revealing their identity to others.

Icebreakers work

Ishaani Dayal November 12, 2021
All classes should provide students the opportunity to share about themselves
As a child, I grew enamored with an executive career, but as I got older, my dreams for the future expanded far beyond a skyscraper.

Opportunity cost: The detriments of astronomical college tuition

Anushka De, Editor-in-chief November 9, 2021
It's difficult to take advantage of educational opportunities and manage the burden of higher education tuition
In June 2021, I went to Strawberry Park shopping center in Saratoga to eat ramen and drink boba, alone.

Bloom: I went on a date alone (and so should you)

Shivani Verma November 7, 2021
Discovering how to manage my loneliness
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