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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

My sister and I dressed in traditional Indian clothes in preparation for a family photoshoot. Photo courtesy of Raghuram Venkatasubramanian | Used with permission

Dear Trisha,

A letter of gratitude for my older sister
Aashi Venkat
February 14, 2024
Photo by Sagnik Nag Chowdhury

The cost of fresh food

Small Cupertino businesses struggle to stay afloat amid high rent and cost of living
Sagnik Nag Chowdhury and Ethan Yang
January 29, 2024
LGBTQ+ individuals should not be expected to come out — it can put an enormous mental and emotional strain on them and also reinforces heteronormative and cisnormative societal standards.

Coming out quietly

Members of the queer community should not be expected to come out
Anika Bhandarkar
January 28, 2024
Photo | Meggie Chen

The invisible gap

The generational gap between students and teachers affects their interactions in the classroom
Meggie Chen and Michelle Zheng
January 27, 2024
Unfolding Cupertino City Limits

Unfolding Cupertino city limits

El Estoque's Opinion section examines how housing, entertainment and restaurants in the area affect the community
Graphic by Aletheia Ju

Elusive living

Cupertino’s housing market creates an unsustainable environment for long term residence
In the same bubble

In the same bubble

Students should stop measuring their success solely through their grades
Raj Thapliyal, Staff Writer
January 26, 2024
As we move into adulthood, a balanced integration of work and life becomes increasingly important.

Live to work? or Work to live?

People shouldn't be judged for their lifestyle preferences
Suhana Mahabal
January 26, 2024
We need to think critically about the media we consume to prevent being influenced by problematic relationships.

A romantic dilemma

Visual media normalizes problematic behaviors and relationships that aren’t healthy in reality
Meggie Chen
January 25, 2024
Graphic by Meggie Chen

Entertainment in Cupertino

The lack of youth friendly entertainment spaces in Cupertino perpetuates its unhealthy stress culture
Meggie Chen and Trisha Sannappanavar
January 21, 2024
Is eating organic really that good for your health?

The problem with ‘organic’

Examining the true impact organic foods have on people’s health and the earth
Aletheia Ju, Staff Writer
January 8, 2024
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