El Estoque

Asian and Black communities must come together to combat racism | Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Addressing the nuances and intersectionalities between minority groups facing and fighting racism

Minjae Kang May 22, 2021
How the Asian American and the Black communities can work together to combat racism
Discovering Depop

Discovering Depop

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer May 22, 2021

Neither of my parents grew up with money, and for the majority of my childhood, neither did I. We are a family of immigrants who moved to America in desperate need of a fresh start. My mother was a teenager...

Tyler's MBTI personality breakdown — Adventurer — vs. Iman's MBTI personality breakdown — Commander.

Personality Podcast: Part 2

Tyler Cho and Iman Malik May 21, 2021
Examining how the labels of “assertive” and “turbulent” from the 16Personalities quiz fit into our respective identities
How the the pandemic and online school has changed college admissions

College Admission: Uncertainty and Upgrades through COVID

What COVID has revealed about the college acceptance process for seniors

Day In a Life of a New Normal

Rachel Jiang May 16, 2021
Exploring MVHS during in-person hybrid learning
An illustration of the Instagram logo with 17 notifications that represent unread messages

The empath’s dilemma

Kripa Mayureshwar May 15, 2021
Exploring my struggle with picking up on other people’s emotions
Income Inequality revealed by online school and the effects it has on our community

Income inequality through the Zoom screen

Abdullah Memon May 14, 2021
Providing Chromebooks and internet hot spots isn’t enough for low-income students to succeed
What do I wear?

What do I wear?

Prisha Tiwari, Staff Writer May 12, 2021
Reflecting on how society has impacted my clothing choices
A screenshot of a FaceTime call with my dad while he was quarantining in his room.

My dad got COVID

Diya Bahl May 6, 2021
My experiences living with a family member with COVID-19
My brother and I at a cruise ship photoshoot in 2009. Photo courtesy of Gauri Manoj | Used with Permission

Dear Sid

Gauri Manoj May 4, 2021
How my friendship with my older brother shaped me into who I am today
Losing memories to mindlessness

Losing memories to mindlessness

Michelle Chen May 4, 2021
Considering the importance of the lessons I’ve learned during the pandemic
Reflecting on an abnormal senior year and our hopes for an in-person graduation

Dear Class of 2021

Oishee Misra April 29, 2021
Reflecting on an abnormal senior year and our hopes for an in-person graduation
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