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Dahlia Schilling

Dahlia Schilling, Staff Writer

Dahlia is currently a junior and a Features editor for El Estoque. In her free time she enjoys traveling, hanging out with her little sisters, and drinking lemonade which her family no longer lets her buy due to the excessive sugar rush it gives her.

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Analyzing how the meaning of word love depends on the person.


Examining how MVHS students use the word “love” and how its usage reflects different sentiments
FUHSD is currently working to combat the misuse of AI tools in the classroom.

Changing Education with ChatGPT

Exploring changes in AI regulations in education for the 2023-24 school year
Photo illustration by Alan Tai | El Estoque | Photos courtesy of Architha Dhavala, Alan Tai and Aashi Venkat

Shifting interests

Exploring how seniors have changed their ideal career over time
A glimpse into the real world

A glimpse into the real world

Exploring the differences between jobs and internships
Mira Wagner and Dahlia Schilling
April 14, 2023
Emi and Miya Kosakura pose for a photo with their parents on senior night.

Time out! Ep. 2: Emi and Miya Kosakura

Diving into Emi and Miya Kosakura’s relationship on and off the basketball court
Dahlia Schilling
March 24, 2023
Hair holds varying significance for these six students, from being an extension of their personality to a characteristic that others like to point out.

Hair down

Exploring the stories behind students' hair
From the Sideline

From the Sideline

Examining the complexities of parent-athlete relationships
Kathryn Foo and Dahlia Schilling
February 17, 2023
The finishing touch

The finishing touch

Exploring the role of makeup in sports
Mikaylah Du and Dahlia Schilling
December 22, 2022
According a survey of 160 people, 31% of MVHS students wear makeup regularly.

Cover up

Delving into pressures and ways the MVHS community chooses to cover up
Senior Emi Kosakura searches for an opening to pass the ball over her opponents.

Girls Basketball beats Branham High School 59-54

Matadors remain focused and calm throughout a close second half
Popular skin care products.
Photo| Dahlia Schilling


Surveying the effects of skin care routines
Dahlia Schilling and Anabelle Walker
November 17, 2022
Lisa Smith shows off the multiple stick-and-poke tattoos she did on herself the summer before freshman year, including X’s across her knuckles and a skull.

Forever Inked

Exploring what tattoos mean to the MVHS community
Dahlia Schilling and Jiya Singh
November 10, 2022
Targeted advertisements tend to pop up on social media platforms such as Instagram, and typically advertise products the user has shown prior interest in.

Ad 2 Cart

Understanding thoughts behind fashion and social media advertising
MVHS thoughts on the rise of advertisements

MVHS’ thoughts on the rise of advertisements

Unpacking the advertisements targeted toward the MVHS community
Dahlia Schilling and Jiya Singh
October 9, 2022
Man on the Street: Whos your fictional crush?

Man on the Street: Who’s your fictional crush?

MVHS students reveal their crushes from movies and media.
Dahlia Schilling and Anabelle Walker
October 8, 2022
A graphic illustrating the three philosophies MVHS aims to focus on to encourage equitable grading

MVHS aims to highlight equitable grading

Teachers are introduced to three core philosophies at staff professional development
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