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Mihir Vishwarupe

Mihir Vishwarupe, Features Editor

Mihir is currently a senior and a features editor for El Estoque. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, practicing the guitar and traveling.

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In August 2023, the choir room was still undergoing construction. | Photo by Giljoon Lee

Deconstructing construction

Breaking down school construction projects and how they impact MVHS staff
Photo illustration by Alan Tai | El Estoque | Photos courtesy of Architha Dhavala, Alan Tai and Aashi Venkat

Shifting interests

Exploring how seniors have changed their ideal career over time
The booths set up around the Library Square included many AAPI communities that set up traditional decorations around the area.

AAPI Silicon Valley hosts multicultural diversity festival

An event that showcased a variety of AAPI communities across the Bay Area
Mihir Vishwarupe
May 22, 2023
Principal Ben Clausnitzer works in his office responding to an email.

Staying in the loop

Examining how MVHS stays transparent with the community
Alan Tai and Mihir Vishwarupe
April 12, 2023
Trade talks

Trade talks

Exploring the recent trades in the NBA and issues in basketball free agency
Samika Bhatkar and Mihir Vishwarupe
March 20, 2023
Illustration | Lillian Wang

Health and Ethnic Studies

What the Health and Ethnic Studies course requirements mean for incoming freshmen
Krish Dev and Mihir Vishwarupe
February 11, 2023
A fallen tree blocks a bridge in Shoreline at Mountain View.

Downpour demolition

Examining the recent storms in Cupertino and their effect on the community
Mihir Vishwarupe and Lillian Wang
February 1, 2023
As part of mass nationwide layoffs, tech companies in the Bay Area have laid off over 43,000 employees since November. 

Silicon valley layoffs

Examining the effects of Bay Area tech company layoffs on employees
Mihir Vishwarupe and Eric Zhou
December 16, 2022
Technology mania

Technology mania

Coming to terms with the widespread internet addiction surrounding our lives
Mihir Vishwarupe
December 14, 2022
Club Credit

Club Credit

Examining the situation of club funding and budget allocation at MVHS
Mihir Vishwarupe
November 14, 2022
Drowning in stress

Drowning in stress

Looming college application deadlines cause stress for seniors
Mihir Vishwarupe
November 2, 2022
50 Questions with Jessica Kaufman

50 Questions with Jessica Kaufman

In the 20th installment of the recurring series, El Estoque asks Jessica Kaufman 50 questions
Mihir Vishwarupe
October 8, 2022
Senior Nikhita Saldi drives her Tesla into school.

Power Up

Examining the 2035 California Gas Ban
Mira Wagner and Mihir Vishwarupe
October 7, 2022
Officers from the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department arrived in the Student Parking Lot following a bomb threat on Sept. 23.

Preparing for the unexpected

Exploring how school safety plans are created and updated at MVHS
Krish Dev, Mihir Vishwarupe, and Lillian Wang
October 5, 2022
Teachers take on new positions

Teachers take on new positions

Examining how students and teachers adapt to position changes
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