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Taryn Lam

Taryn Lam, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Taryn is currently a senior and a co-editor-in-chief for El Estoque; she has been on staff for three years and enjoyed her time spent as a features editor during her junior year. In her free time she enjoys exploring cozy book stores, going on adventures, spending time with family and hanging out with her super spicy friends.

All content by Taryn Lam
MVs Family History

MV’s Family History

MVHS students delve into their family history
To the next four years

To the next four years

Friends attending the same college discuss their plans
Taryn Lam
May 17, 2024
A parents’ guide for academic survival

A parents’ guide for academic survival

How parents help navigate their children through Monta Vista’s academic culture
Taryn Lam and Arushi Singh
April 23, 2024
Photo illustration by Amberly Sun

Toxic Vista: Fixing our flaws

El Estoque's Opinion Section examines the factors and effects of a "toxic" school environment
Two pucks in a pod

Two pucks in a pod

Sisters Alice and Gillie Ross share their experience playing ice hockey
Taryn Lam and Aaryan Sharma
April 6, 2024
Illustration | Amberly Sun

Save your prayers

School shootings can be minimized with the implementation of gun prevention policies
Taryn Lam
March 20, 2024
Graphics by Amberly Sun

Fearing the inevitable

El Estoque's opinion section unpacks long-term fears in the lives of the Monta Vista community
Adding fuel to F1

Adding fuel to F1

Fans of Formula One share their love for the sport
Taryn Lam and Lillian Wang
March 9, 2024
Education legislation

Education legislation

California passes new laws to improve education
The MVHS Library has historically provided a variety of inclusive texts.

Bans on bans

New California law adds protection to maintaining inclusive texts
Taryn Lam, Brandon Wang, and Eric Zhou
January 27, 2024
Law enforcement agents were situated in various spots on campus to ensure the safety of students and staff.

BREAKING: FUHSD receives threatening emails from an anonymous sender

The emails sent on Jan. 23 were later determined to be a “hoax,” though the investigation continues
Taryn Lam, Brandon Wang, and Kaia Yuan
January 24, 2024
Protestors gather at Harry Bridges Plaza, San Francisco in a demonstration against the APEC convention.

On the streets of SF

San Francisco reflects on the 2023 APEC summit’s impacts on community issues
Maria Rodriguez and her two children attend the protest to advocate for workers rights.

APEC: AAPI pioneers

Uncovering the impact of the APEC conference on local AAPI leaders and communities
Sophia D'Sa, Taryn Lam, and Varun Singh
December 10, 2023
The California Reparations Task Force hold a public hearing on Jan. 28, 2023, at San Diego State University. Photo by Ariana Drehsler, CalMatters | Used with permission

Road to reform

Examining current approaches that foster change within the community
The bike racks are often full, with bikes, electric bikes and electric scooters.

Hitting the road

Exploring MVHS’s bike culture and various elements of bike safety
Taryn Lam and Kalyani Puthenpurayil
December 6, 2023
Elders of cupertino

Elders of cupertino

Exploring the impact of local elders on the community
Senior Cara Constant winds up to throw the ball to a team member. Photo | Brandon Wang

Changing the game

Exploring the historical and current state of Reverse
Ethan Kellogg, Taryn Lam, and Brandon Wang
December 1, 2023
Elders in volunteering

Elders in volunteering

Examining how elders in Cupertino give back to the community through volunteering
Taryn Lam and Sania Nadkarni
November 21, 2023
Senior Brianna Young poses against a stark black background.

Reshaping her journey

Exploring Brianna Young’s journey with scoliosis
Taryn Lam and Suhana Mahabal
November 1, 2023
Select your passion

Select your passion

Exploring the niche passions of MVHS
Analyzing the variety of definitions associated with the word


Examining the community’s stance on the evolution of the word “Feminist”
Taryn Lam and Anika Ramachandran
September 28, 2023
Ani Kumar observes planes on June 28, 2009 at Palo Alto Airport. Photo courtesy of Anu Murthy

Head in the clouds

Exploring junior Ani Kumar’s passion for aviation photography
Taryn Lam
September 23, 2023
Donning a custom, lavender layered gown Swift performs the song “Long Live” from her third album “Speak Now.” The singer played from a blue guitar decorated with koi fish, a tribute to the same guitar she used during her “Speak Now” tour. Photo courtesy of Kiana Mark

Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted’ effects on Santa Clara

Exploring the social and economic impact of Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’
A speaker presents at SVYCAs 2022 Youth Climate Leadership Summit.

Students for change: Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action

Examining an organization that aims to combat climate change
Taryn Lam
May 30, 2023
Senior Dillon Huang performs on Friday, May 26 during MV Dramas spring showcase.

Students for change: 5TRINGS

Highlighting 5TRINGS, the organization that brings music to senior centers
Taryn Lam and Aashna Patel
May 19, 2023
Graphic | Sonia Verma

One nation, under guns

Examining the different perspectives on gun policies and ownership in relation to gun violence in America
Graphic | Sonia Verma

Arms across oceans

Exploring international insights on American gun culture and policy
Krish Dev and Taryn Lam
April 14, 2023
Buscher and her friends pose for a photo during their choir trip to Los Angeles

Staff stories: Blossoming into your own

AP Secretary Joelle Buscher shares two of her memorable childhood hobbies and her thought process behind discovering her passion
Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat
April 12, 2023
Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action volunteers protest for stronger gun control amidst rising levels of gun violence

Students for change: Students Demand Action

Exploring the student run club that protests against gun violence
Taryn Lam, Aashna Patel, and Yash Thapliyal
April 8, 2023
14 days of love

14 days of love

Follow the daily videos as we explore the various relationships of MVHS pairs and find out who knows the other person better
14 days of love: Dylan and Lilia

14 days of love: Dylan and Lilia

In the 13th installment of the 14 days of love series, El Estoque explores the relationship between Sophomore Lilia Murase and Junior Dylan Chaahoub
Aashna Patel and Taryn Lam
February 13, 2023
Sophomore Erin Handelsman is sworn in during her Court of Honor ceremony on Feb. 5.

Students for change: Erin Handelsman

Sophomore Erin Handelsman leads a hygiene kit making service project after earning the rank of Eagle Scout
Taryn Lam and Aashna Patel
February 11, 2023
14 days of love: Geethikaa and Sonia

14 days of love: Geethikaa and Sonia

In the second installment of the 14 days of love series, El Estoque explores the friendship between Juniors Geethikaa Tarra and Sonia Swamy
Taryn Lam
February 2, 2023
14 days of love: Shrutik & Samvi

14 days of love: Shrutik & Samvi

In the first installment of the 14 days of love series, El Estoque explores the friendship between Juniors Shrutik Kanukuntla and Samvi Ranka
Taryn Lam
February 1, 2023
Graphic | Sonia Verma


Exploring instances of distance within a family 
Barbara Frei (right) and her grandmother Marie Jager in the 70s.  Photo courtesy of Barbara Frei | Used with permission

Staff Stories: Growing up and moving out

Study buddy coordinator Barbara Frei shares tales of her childhood in Switzerland
Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat
December 13, 2022
Kavita Gupta and her mother video call, despite the physical barriers they face

Physical distance

Exploring the relationships between family members located in different countries
Taryn Lam
December 9, 2022
“The Family” ends with a bang while simultaneously standing as an ode to the past.

Hip hop collective BROCKHAMPTON started as strangers and left as a family

Lead singer Kevin Abstract paints a lopsided family portrait on ‘The Family’
Taryn Lam
November 29, 2022
From farm to table

From farm to table

Exploring the processes and people behind the food we eat at MVHS
One of the farms managed by the Church Brothers Farms company - a company that harvests and sources produce to venues and corporations.

From the farm

Exploring the people who harvest and deliver ingredients used to cook MVHS’s meals
Taryn Lam and Kripa Mayureshwar
November 17, 2022
Man on the street: What’s your favorite book?

Man on the street: What’s your favorite book?

MVHS students share their favorite book recommendations
Taryn Lam and Trisha Sannappanavar
November 14, 2022
Anjali Jariwala wrote Why We Eat With Our Hands as a gift to her daughter, Nyla.

“Why We Eat with Our Hands” by Anjali Jariwala is a necessary addition to all childrens’ bookshelves

Exploring the message behind Monica Jariwala’s sister’s new book
Abha Dash, Taryn Lam, and Aashna Patel
November 5, 2022
 Third grader Mark Carpenter dresses up as a pirate for Halloween, and explains that they will always be a pirate at heart

Staff stories: Always a pirate at heart

Mark Carpenter shares life-defining tales of ignorance, curiosity and gratitude
Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat
September 30, 2022
FUHSD implements free menstrual products due to new California law

Packaging the period plan

FUHSD implements free menstrual products thanks to California law
The class of 2022

The class of 2022

Seniors reflect on their experiences and memories at MVHS by answering various questions

Celebrating Ramadan

Highlighting the experiences of Muslim students at MVHS
Taryn Lam and Shivani Madhan
May 1, 2022
Sonya Povalchuk and Pavel Demchenko share how they evacuated Ukraine.

Displaced by war

Ukrainian students share about their evacuation experiences
Krish Dev and Taryn Lam
April 24, 2022
Senior Geeta Karlcut waves the pride flag on Nov. 11, National Coming Out Day.

LGBTQ rights

Students share their thoughts about relevant LGBTQ issues
Taryn Lam
April 23, 2022
Freshmen Anuvaa Joshi and Jooha Kim pose for a photo.

What friends are for

Best friends explore the growth of their friendship
Mira Wagner and Taryn Lam
April 23, 2022
Out of touch

Out of touch

Students share their experiences with straying away from their native language
Taryn Lam, Staff Writer
March 18, 2022
Rex Orange Countys fourth studio album is an unremarkable addition to his list of achievements.

‘WHO CARES?’ is a diaristic jumble of pent-up thoughts

Rex Orange County takes a step back from his usual bright, pop-infused music and instead attempts calming beats and relaxed lyrics
Taryn Lam, Staff Writer
March 17, 2022
Man on the street: What’s the last lie you told?

Man on the street: What’s the last lie you told?

MVHS students explain the reasoning behind their dishonesty
Taryn Lam and Geethikaa Tarra
March 16, 2022
Junior Arya Srivastava thrusts her sword during a match (Photo courtesy of Arya Srivastava | Used with permission)

En garde

Examining two different fencers’ experience with the sport
Taryn Lam, Staff Writer
February 13, 2022
Junior Mulyn Kim holds up her six-word memoir.

Six-word memoirs: hopes and reflections

Students write six-word memoirs that discuss their reflections on the past year and explain their hopes for the upcoming year
Taryn Lam and Tvisha Gupta
February 8, 2022
The Weeknds nostalgic album displays his creative evolution through a well-thought out track list and flowing lyrics.

‘Dawn FM’ flawlessly captures a new era of redemption and realization

The Weeknd pushes the boundaries by releasing one of the most well-polished albums of 2022
Taryn Lam, Staff Writer
January 14, 2022
Junior Phillip Chiu jumps up to shoot a basket with less than a minute of the third quarter remaining. Photo by Michelle Zheng

Boys Basketball loses to Lynbrook High School 53-41

Matadors trail a few points behind Lynbrook for the entirety of the game
Taryn Lam, Sarah Liu, and Michelle Zheng
January 11, 2022
Sophomore Ekom Mann lunges at junior Hayden Ancheta after coach Andrew Pappas signals the wrestlers to “go live” — beginning a practice match that lasts a few minutes.

Introducing the winter season sports

Showcasing games and practices from MVHS's basketball, soccer and wrestling teams
Sophomore Matt Lau reaches for the rebound after Silver Creek misses their shot.

Boys Basketball scrimmages against Silver Creek High School

Seeking to improve their team dynamic, the Matadors start off their preseason games
Michelle Zheng and Taryn Lam
November 19, 2021
A look into the future

A look into the future

Students examine what lies ahead
Culture and the future

Culture and the future

How MVHS student and staff expectations of the future are affected by cultural and religious factors
Taryn Lam and Jayanti Jha
November 12, 2021
The tricks and treats of Halloween

The tricks and treats of Halloween

Featuring the various aspects of celebrating Halloween
The main tent was decorated with real and inflatable pumpkins where visitors could take pictures. Souvenir tables were set up in the main tent as well, where visitors could buy pumpkin carving kits and jelly rings, along with other Halloween-themed trinkets.

Six spooky Bay Area destinations to visit this fall

Reviewing various autumn-themed locations to get into the Halloween spirit
Aashna Patel, Tvisha Gupta, and Taryn Lam
October 23, 2021
A heart formation signals the end of the girls dance performance. The freshmen skit represents a gameshow adaptation of the Game of Life board game, following four characters through different stages of their adventure. The dance ushers in the next advancement of the game — shopping for homes.

Class of 2025’s Homecoming performance

Freshmen win 4th place during Homecoming week
Taryn Lam and Ishaani Dayal
October 9, 2021
Freshman Ishi Chopra holds a Tigers Eye crystal which represents courage. Photo by Taryn Lam | El Estoque

A guide to crystals

How MVHS students use crystals in their daily lives
Taryn Lam, Staff Writer
September 18, 2021
FUHSD athletes found ways to resonate with Lydia Jacoby, Suni Lee and Simone Biles. Graphic by Jayanti Jha, Aashna Patel and Kalyani Puthenpurayil

Twisting the game

Three Olympic winners resonate with local athletes
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