Class of 2026’s Homecoming Performance

Freshmen time travel with a “Back to the Future” themed skit


Aditya Shukla

Freshman Courtney Masli strikes a pose during the girls’ dance.

The Class of 2026 showcased their Homecoming skit on Wednesday, Oct. 12, the third day of Homecoming Week. Featuring an extensive “Back to the Future” based skit, the freshman class performed two dances with a time travel-based plot. After discovering a time traveling bus, the main character, played by freshman Lauren Moore, attempts to figure out how to return back to the present after traveling forward in time to avoid school work. According to Moore, while being initially indifferent to participating in the skit, they eventually were elected to be the main character due to the lack of participation. 

Alongside the skit, freshmen also brought their dancing skills to the Rally Court, performing a girls’ and a co-ed dance. The boys’ dance was canceled due to a lack of participation, according to freshman and dancer Elaine Chen. However, she still found the Homecoming skit experience to be enjoyable, especially noting the teamwork behind the effort to make the performance the best it could be. All in all, Chen says there are still things to try and improve for next year. 

“Starting to prepare earlier [would help our performance],” Chen said. “[Also], seeing if we can get more participants so that there could be more people from our class and we can all  come together and have fun.” 

In contrast, freshman and dancer Anika Ramachandran says  the performance was almost over-prepared for, stating that the long practice times and frequent rehearsals helped them perform to the best of their ability. 

“I think it went really well,” Ramachandran said. “We put in a lot of time over the weekend and  outside of school. We [also] came here at seven in the morning to practice, so all that effort really paid off in the end. We performed the best that we [could] do, and that was great.”