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Arjun Dhruv

Arjun Dhruv, Staff Writer

Arjun is currently a sophomore and a staff writer for El Estoque. In his free time, he enjoys watching TV Shows and playing/watching sports with his friends.

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Protecting ourselves

Protecting ourselves

Taking a look at how students protect different facets of their lives
Journalists should be respected when voicing their opinion and not  censored

Protecting our voice

Examining the effects of censorship on student journalists and advisors
Abha Dash, Arjun Dhruv, and Gauri Manoj
February 15, 2023
Senior Ryan Tan guards his SHS opponent. Photo by Stephanie Zhang

Boys Soccer defeats Saratoga High School 1-0

The Matadors maintain their second-half lead throughout the game
Arjun Dhruv, Lily Jiang, and Eshika Tiwari
February 8, 2023
Far but close

Far but close

Exploring how my relationship with my sister evolved
Arjun Dhruv, Staff Writer
December 20, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Age in Sports

Exploring the athletic experiences of different age groups and the effects of age on one's journey in sports and coaching style

The pros and cons of starting early

How the age one starts a sport affects their sports journey
Arjun Dhruv and Lily Jiang
November 8, 2022
Senior Anna Jerolimov maintains possession of the ball as she tries to find an opening to pass the ball to her teammates. Photo by Michelle Zheng

Field Hockey loses 2-0 to Valley Christian High School on its senior night

Seniors reflect on their performance throughout the season and convey their thoughts on the team’s future
Arjun Dhruv, Lily Jiang, and Michelle Zheng
October 31, 2022
Senior and quarterback Rohit Pamidi opts to rush the ball in the first few minutes of the game.

Football defeats Saratoga High School 42-35 in a thrilling comeback

The Matadors end strong with a 22-0 run in the fourth quarter despite a rough start
Arjun Dhruv, Lily Jiang , and Sameer Maheshwari
October 7, 2022
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

Post game feelings

Exploring how coaches, athletes and spectators feel after games
No pain, no gain

No pain, no gain

Analyzing how MVHS teams overcome failure
Arjun Dhruv and Sameer Maheshwari
October 5, 2022
CHS senior Rohan Tirumala went to UC Davis Young Scholars Program to learn more about medicine. Photo courtesy of Rohan Tirumala.

“The grind never stops”

FUHSD students continue their learning at summer programs
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