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Anika Bhandarkar

Anika Bhandarkar, Opinion Editor

Anika is currently a junior and an Opinion Editor for El Estoque. When she isn't running (or thinking about running,) she can be found playing piano, reading, or playing with her two dogs Luke and Leia.

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Period problems

MVHS students share their experiences with their periods
Anika Bhandarkar and Jillian Ju
April 6, 2024
We must reinforce the idea of consent in everyday situations such as showing affection: not liking physical affection does not mean you care about someone any less.
Illustration | Anika Bhandarkar

High five, please

We must change how we view consent
Anika Bhandarkar
March 9, 2024
I have often let my fear of not perfecting a piano piece get in the way of practicing at all, causing a huge amount of stress in the weeks before competitions. Staying consistent and putting in just a little each day has massively helped my improvement and has helped me not burn out in the long term. Photo courtesy of Mangesh Bhandarkar | Used with permission

The price of perfection

When “perfect” is the enemy of “good”
Anika Bhandarkar
March 2, 2024
LGBTQ+ individuals should not be expected to come out — it can put an enormous mental and emotional strain on them and also reinforces heteronormative and cisnormative societal standards.

Coming out quietly

Members of the queer community should not be expected to come out
Anika Bhandarkar
January 28, 2024
Junior Clara Fun jumps to shoot the ball during a varsity girls basketball game.

Hitting the breaking point

Examining how athletes at MVHS have experienced and overcome burnout within their sports
Anika Bhandarkar and Alyssa Yang
December 23, 2023
Culture plays a nuanced role in someones identity, which is why we must take it into account before asking someone to share their political opinions.

Culture: the elephant (and donkey) in the room

We must consider people’s cultural values before asking them to share their political opinion
Anika Bhandarkar and Meggie Chen
December 6, 2023
During a pause in his live forging demonstration, blacksmith Lester Markarian explains the techniques he used to create a handle.

Forging demonstration lights up Baer Blacksmith Shop

Restored historical Cupertino shop holds monthly blacksmithing demonstration
Anika Bhandarkar and Alyssa Yang
November 28, 2023
Swearing must be destigmatized — teaching students not to swear purely because swear words are bad is ineffective and allows the harmful stereotypes behind some swear words and slurs to persist.

F— this

Rethinking how we approach swearing at school
Anika Bhandarkar
November 3, 2023
Tika, my brother, and I pose for a family photo. Photo courtesy of Mangesh Bhandarkar | Used with permission

Down memory lane

Learning to look at memories of my dog differently
Anika Bhandarkar
October 28, 2023
Local politics are just as important in the lives of MVHS students as federal news, if not more.

National concern, local impact

Why students should be involved in local politics
Anika Bhandarkar and April Wang
September 30, 2023
The pressure I put on myself to set personal records soon left me exhausted, and negatively impacted my relationship for running.

Overambition: the enemy of my improvement

How letting go of the time on the clock helped me run faster
Anika Bhandarkar
September 23, 2023
Students note that parental controls can sometimes feel overly restrictive, with 52% of MVHS students reporting that they feel dissatisfied with the controls on their device(s).

Under CTRL

Examining student and parent opinions on parental controls
The mentality that the lighter you are, the better you perform has woven its way into many sports, particularly endurance sports and performing arts.

Would I be faster if I were skinnier?

Rethinking how MVHS addresses body-image issues in sports
Anika Bhandarkar
May 8, 2023
Athletes participating in performing arts often feel pressured to be slimmer.

Trapped in the tape measure

Examining how beauty standards in performing arts impact MVHS athletes
Anika Bhandarkar
April 12, 2023
As a child, I was loud and extroverted, and wasnt affected by others perceptions of me.

Unlikely inspiration

A lesson from 5-year-old me
Anika Bhandarkar
March 20, 2023
Graphic | Vincent Zhao

A gamble for love

How students plan to continue or end their relationships after high school
Anika Bhandarkar and Irene Tang
February 17, 2023
Deck of hearts

Deck of hearts

MVHS students and alumni play the love game
Senior Rohin Inani, who was the stand-in Boys Tennis coach during the 2021-22 season, serves a ball.

The search for spring sport coaching

Looking into the lack of coaching for the spring season
Anika Bhandarkar, Kathryn Foo, and Michelle Zheng
February 11, 2023
Sophomore Gehna Saini places the ornament gifted to her from her mother, on a Christmas tree.

Winter break traditions

Examining the traditions students and staff partake in over the winter holidays
Anika Bhandarkar and Megha Mummaneni
December 21, 2022
Students often stifle their curiosity surrounding sex due to fear or an unfamiliarity of talking about sex.

Arousing Curiosity

Examining how curiosity surrounding sex and sexual education affects the MVHS community
Anika Bhandarkar and Riya Murthy
November 17, 2022
Some musical terms and their meanings | Graphic by Anika Bhandarkar

The keys to passion

My experience with burnout
Anika Bhandarkar
November 5, 2022
Students in the stands cheer as MV Cheer performs a stunt.

Got spirit?

Examining the importance of camaraderie among students at MVHS
Anika Bhandarkar and Darpan Singh
October 12, 2022
Huichol earrings made by Hernandez. Photo by Adriana Hernandez | Used with permission.

Photo courtesy of Adriana Hernandez | Used with permission

Mental health first

Exploring how the MVHS community practices self-care
Anika Bhandarkar
October 11, 2022
Sophomore Jami Lim checks her schedule

Runaway of the bulls

Students and staff discuss the reasons for and the impacts of the cancellation of ROTB
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