Football loses 17-13 against Fremont High School

Matadors miss a game-winning touchdown in the final minute of the fourth quarter


Aashi Venkat

The Matadors prepare themselves in anticipation for Fremont High School’s offensive play.

Nameek Chowdhury, Jiya Singh, and Aashi Venkat

On the sideline, players react to the touchdown scored by FHS. Photo by Nameek Chowdhury.

Varsity Football fell 17-13 to Fremont High School on Friday, Sept. 16, bringing their overall season record to 1-2. While neither team scored in the first quarter of the game, FHS scored a touchdown followed by a series of points in the second quarter, bringing the score to 0-10 by halftime. 

However, the beginning of the third quarter favored MVHS, as senior and running back Greyson Mobley scored a 17-yard touchdown that brought MVHS up to 6 points. Senior and defensive tackle Jeremiah Lo recalls how excited he felt when the team scored a touchdown.

“It’s just a feeling of like, holy sh–,” Lo said. “Like, that [touchdown] brought us to score where [winning is] within our reach and we just need to push through for the [remainder of the] second half. [At] that moment, I [felt] a huge sense of school pride. I [felt] proud of the entire offense who was playing right then. Because [in] that drive — I think it was like three or four plays — we went from our half of the field to a touchdown.” 

Running back Greyson Mobley sprints to hug the varsity football coach after scoring the first touchdown of the game. Photo by Aashi Venkat.

MVHS kept the momentum, scoring another touchdown with a 74-yard run: leading the game 13-10. But despite MVHS’s efforts, FHS scored a touchdown, placing them back in the lead near the end of the third quarter. With only a minute left in the fourth quarter, a change in possession granted Mobley the ball. Though the running back was able to reach the opposition’s end zone, the referees called him out before he was able to score a winning touchdown.

“I feel like it could’ve went better,” sophomore, O-Line player and D-Line player William Leveson said. “Greyson made a 90-yard touchdown with that same play. It could’ve [gone] either way — if we got that play, we would’ve won, but we didn’t, so we lost. We’re dogfighting definitely; we’re not giving up.”

Having Leveson’s same perseverance mindset, Lo only has one thing on his mind going into the next game: the chance to face off a new opponent.

“Our coach, he says this thing: wins and losses are a dime a dozen,” Lo said. “Every week, there’s a winner or loser. Regardless, we’re always going to practice the same way. If we win a game, we’re not going to take off the next week, because it’s a new opponent. We just have a fresh mindset and try not to reminisce about the past.”