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Lauren Chuu

Lauren Chuu, Managing Editor

Lauren Chuu is currently a senior and a managing editor for El Estoque. In her free time, she enjoys making digital art, playing trivia games and watching kdramas.

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MVs Family History

MV’s Family History

MVHS students delve into their family history
Shi Tong Huang and Qi Jie Yang smile for a photo in front of a lake.

Echoes of the past

MVHS community members share how the Chinese Cultural Revolution and other policies led them to immigrate to the U.S.
Photo courtesy of Olivia Gao | Used with permission

Last hoorah

MVHS seniors discuss the new opportunities they pursued this year
Sophia D'Sa and Lauren Chuu
May 23, 2024
El Estoque in a Snapshot

El Estoque in a Snapshot

El Estoque shares its history and accomplishments
Lauren Chuu and Dahlia Schilling
April 21, 2024
Creating culture

Creating culture

From clubs to holidays, MVHS students use a multitude of methods to stay connected to their cultural identity
Various cultural clubs exist around MVHS, hosting events, shows and meetings. | Photos by Dylan Canoglu, Lily Jiang, Michelle Zheng and Yutong Zhong

Club hub

El Estoque's Features section showcases all of the cultural clubs on campus
Work hard, play hard

Work hard, play hard

The MVHS community plays a variety of different games from pay-to-play experiences to educational tools
Senior Catherine Chen plays mahjong with her family.

Gaming around the globe

Students and staff reflect on their experiences playing cultural board games
Lauren Chuu and Niveda Hari
March 7, 2024
A still from Before I Forget, a game about the experiences of dementia. | Illustration by Lauren Chuu

Gaming with a purpose

MVHS students play games that spread social awareness and comment on social issues
Lauren Chuu and Alan Tai
March 6, 2024
Photo illustration by Lauren Chuu

Athlete attendance

Student athletes and coaches discuss the complexities of attendance in sports
Lauren Chuu and Asha Wojciechowski
January 27, 2024
Graphic by Daphne Huang

Paddling into popularity

Students and staff share their thoughts on the rise of pickleball
Sania Nadkarni, Lauren Chuu, and Stephanie Zhang
January 26, 2024
Senior and guard Jake Nakamura avoids opponents while dribbling the ball down the court.

Varsity Boys Basketball loses to Saratoga High School 52-50 in a close match

The Matadors maintain a nearly even score up until the last few seconds
Seniors Matthew Lau and Pranai Raina dance during the senior Homecoming skit. The choreography included a breakdancing segment, which both of them partook in as experienced breakdancers.

Time Out! Ep. 13: Matthew Lau and Pranai Raina

Exploring how seniors Matthew Lau and Pranai Raina got into breakdancing and their experience in the sport
Junior and long snapper Zachary Mommer snaps the ball to the punter behind him. Photo courtesy of John Ling | Used with permission

Snap judgement

Uncovering the role of the long snapper as an overlooked position in football
Lauren Chuu and Arjun Dhruv
December 9, 2023
Justin Ma lunges towards the net, looking to catch the shuttlecock early. Photo courtesy of Justin Ma | Used with permission

King of the court

Smashing through Justin Ma's journey in pursuing a professional badminton career
Daphne Huang and Lauren Chuu
December 7, 2023
School safety

School safety

Exploring approaches to support students' physical and mental well-being
MVHS received a US News & World Report Scorecard rating of 99.41 measured from aspects such as academics proficiency, graduation rate, and AP Exams.

Educational heights

Examining MVHS’ placement in national school rankings
Jason Chu and Lauren Chuu
November 3, 2023
The Wellness Room contains a variety of activities to help students relax and de-stress.

Making Space

Exploring new student spaces in MVHS
The ELD Center is equipped with board games to help facilitate interactions between students in the center.

Welcoming Space

Uncovering what the ELD Center has to offer
Lauren Chuu and Daphne Huang
September 29, 2023
Health and Ethnic studies is current interdisciplinary course that will be mandated in the 2024-25 school year.

Continuous coverage: Health and Ethnic Studies

Examining the current status of the newly implemented course
Lauren Chuu and Ellie Wang
September 28, 2023
The FUHSD Board of Trustees holds a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Balanced voices

Examining the effects of FUHSD election system changes on MVHS
Jason Chu, Lauren Chuu, and Stella Petzova
September 28, 2023
FUHSD is currently working to combat the misuse of AI tools in the classroom.

Changing Education with ChatGPT

Exploring changes in AI regulations in education for the 2023-24 school year
MVHS is set to lose the Japanese language program in the coming years as a result of declining enrollment in the course.

FUHSD World Languages to face upcoming changes

MVHS will begin phasing out Japanese language courses in 2024-25
Jason Chu and Lauren Chuu
June 1, 2023
Canvas paper bark painting of General Ignacio Zaragoza, who led Mexican troops to victory in the Battle of Puebla

Spanish classes celebrate Cinco de Mayo

MVHS Spanish classes participate in activities such as bark paintings and Mexican songs
Jason Chu and Lauren Chuu
May 5, 2023
Technological disparities between Macbooks and Chromebooks stem from a variety of factors such as efficiency, features, and price.

A digital divide

Exploring the impact of personal and borrowed computers
Lauren Chuu
April 14, 2023
Junior Rahul Pothineni passes the ball to a teammate.

Boys Volleyball loses to The Harker School in its first home game of the season

Matadors tried to hold out to a fifth set but lost after ending the fourth set 25-23
Lauren Chuu and Kalyani Puthenpurayil
March 19, 2023
Aftermath of the storm reveals a fallen oak tree in the MVHS Rally Court.

BREAKING: Power outage sends MVHS students home early

Students and staff released early following severe weather conditions and power outage
Lauren Chuu
March 14, 2023
Clumps of snow were spotted at Saratoga Quarry Park.

Freeze warning in effect amid snow and rain

San Francisco Bay Area sees significant snowfall for the first time in several decades
The Economy in Cupertino

The Economy in Cupertino

Exploring changes in the Cupertino economy
Current construction to build new housing in Cupertino is underway.

Solving the unhoused crisis

Investigating the factors and solutions to aid the homeless community
Lauren Chuu and Krish Dev
February 15, 2023
Under the influence

Under the influence

Exploring the effects of substance usage in the MVHS community
Homemade Hipster: Butter Boards

Homemade Hipster: Butter Boards

Learn how to make a unique spin on bread and butter
Crystal Cheng and Lauren Chuu
January 25, 2023
A person holds up a lit cigarette that has been partially smoked.

Clarifying the cannabis conundrum

Analyzing the MVHS perspective on the legalization of cannabis and its impact locally
Lauren Chuu and Alex Zhang
December 20, 2022
Senior Diya Balakrishnan dribbles the ball around a BHS defender during the second half to advance up the field. Photo by Kalyani Puthenpurayil

Girls Soccer loses to Branham High School 1-0 in its first home game

Matadors attribute defeat to communication and incomplete passes
Lauren Chuu and Kalyani Puthenpurayil
November 25, 2022
Making a change

Making a change

Exploring community involvement in the 2022 midterm elections
Construction vehicles are parked at the previous pond area of Memorial Park, one of the Cupertino parks undergoing refurbishment.

Cupertino implements city park renovation projects

Jollyman and Memorial Parks undergo remodeling
Crystal Cheng and Lauren Chuu
November 6, 2022
Pizza and Politics hosted students and other local governmental candidates in a discussion on Friday, Oct. 21.

Getting involved

Exploring the role of youth in political activism
Lauren Chuu and Mira Wagner
November 2, 2022
Protecting our privacy

Protecting our privacy

Taking a look at challenges to privacy within our community
According to a survey of 173 students, 28.9% of MVHS students follow teachers on social media.

Going private

Exploring how teachers and students view their privacy on social media
Lauren Chuu and Lillian Wang
October 5, 2022
The sun shines on a hot day at the entrance of the MVHS campus.

Heat wave blankets Cupertino

Investigating the effects of high temperatures on students and staff at MVHS
Crystal Cheng and Lauren Chuu
October 1, 2022
Senior Krupa Shanware serves the ball to start a rally.

Girls Volleyball loses to Mountain View High School 3-2

Matadors experience a loss of momentum after winning first two sets
Lauren Chuu and Kalyani Puthenpurayil
September 24, 2022
Assistant Principal Sydney Fernandez stands with a group of sheriffs.

BREAKING: MVHS students and staff evacuated following second bomb threat

Law enforcement has declared the campus “clear of danger”
Jason Chu and Lauren Chuu
September 23, 2022
FUHSD implements free menstrual products due to new California law

Packaging the period plan

FUHSD implements free menstrual products thanks to California law
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