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Jillian Ju

Jillian Ju, Staff Writer

Jillian Ju is a sophomore and staff writer for El Estoque. In their free time, they enjoy writing about complicated people in cars, collecting earrings, and lying down.

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Some students feel as though indie music better encapsulates their emotional states and resonates with them more strongly. Illustration by Lillian Wang and Isabelle Kok

The indie in-between

Students and staff share what indie music means to them
Jillian Ju
May 24, 2024

Pedestrian protectors

Discussing the role of crossing guards in student safety
Jillian Ju, Sophia D'Sa, and Giljoon Lee
May 18, 2024
A series of diss tracks exchanged between Kendrick Lamar and Drake have captivated the public and brought new allegations against each rapper to light. Photo illustration by Jillian Ju


An interactive timeline of the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef
Jillian Ju and Benjamin Zhang
May 17, 2024
Abigail (Alisha Weir) dances onstage while covered in her victims blood. | Universal Pictures

‘Abigail’ bleeds its tired premise dry

Predictable plot, shallow characters and juvenile scripting hammer the last nail in the coffin
Jillian Ju and Benjamin Zhang
April 25, 2024
The art of losing

The art of losing

How I learned to redefine loss
Jillian Ju
April 9, 2024
Love Lies Bleeding brilliantly potrays complex themes of pain, identity, and love. Photo | Anna Kooris / A24

‘Love Lies Bleeding’ oozes with carnal tension and heart

Director Rose Glass’s refreshing take on the noir genre tackles impulse and intimacy with power
Jillian Ju and Giljoon Lee
March 27, 2024
Indie artist Ricky Montgomery crouches down at the front of the Regency Ballroom stage to sing to his audience. Photo courtesy of Izzy Hory @izzysconcerts. | Used with permission.

Ricky Montgomery’s 2024 tour is much more than another Rick in the wall

'The Rick Tour’s' dynamic passion and intimacy was a complete experience
Jillian Ju and Isabelle Kok
March 24, 2024
Kung Fu Panda 4 leaves audience bored and bamboo-zled

‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ leaves audience bored and bamboo-zled

A poor script and predictable plotline result in the iconic franchise’s fall from grace
Jillian Ju and Benjamin Zhang
March 13, 2024
Members of Leung’s White Crane Lion and Dragon Dance Association U.S.A. bear red and white cultural flags in the Community Street Fair prior to the parade’s kickoff.

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2024

San Francisco’s annual Lunar New Year celebrations welcome the Year of the Dragon into 2024
Jillian Ju and Isabelle Kok
March 7, 2024
Students often use food and small purchases to motivate themselves to work, such as snacks and drinks. Illustration | Stella Petzova

Treat yourself

Buying small treats for self-motivation can have large impacts
Jillian Ju and Stella Petzova
March 7, 2024
“Argylle” features numerous superstars and celebrities, but none fulfill expectations

‘Argylle’ laughably fails its own mission

Matthew Vaughn’s creation proves to be too dysfunctional to be redeemed by its over-the-top comedy
Jillian Ju and Benjamin Zhang
February 6, 2024
Idols are debuting in the K-pop industry at as young as 13 years old, causing controversy among fans and critics alike. Photo Illustration | Ellie Wang

Minor concerns

Minors debuting in K-pop raise concerns among MVHS community
Jillian Ju and Ellie Wang
January 23, 2024
The facade of Tong Suis Sunnyvale location.

Dessert Detectives: Tong Sui

Reviewing popular menu items based on quality and taste
Isabelle Kok and Jillian Ju
January 18, 2024
Indie artist Melanie Martinezs latest perfume is selling for $275, sparking outrage in fans who cant afford the steep price tag.

The total package

Exploring the relationship between musical artists, their fanbase and their merch
Jillian Ju
December 6, 2023

Bad art and the room to improve

Exploring what it means to make “bad art”
Jillian Ju and Giljoon Lee
December 2, 2023
Nathan Liu playing baseball when he was younger. | Photo courtesy of Nathan Liu

More than skin-deep

Exploring senior Nathan Liu's experiences with and beyond eczema
Jillian Ju and Varun Singh
November 1, 2023
Alumni at the reunion talking with each other at a table.

Party like it’s ’73

Looking back at the MVHS class of 1973’s 50th reunion
Jillian Ju and Mihir Vishwarupe
October 19, 2023
Examining how the word has strayed from its intended meaning


Exploring how the word "woke" has changed over time
Jillian Ju, Staff Writer
September 29, 2023
The switch from the traditional paper SAT and PSAT exams to online has some students uneasy about possible technical difficulties.

Testing the digital divide

Examining how changes to the PSAT and SAT will affect MVHS
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