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BREAKING: FUHSD receives threatening emails from an anonymous sender

The emails sent on Jan. 23 were later determined to be a “hoax,” though the investigation continues

The FUHSD community received an email on Jan. 23 at 6:28 p.m. about an undisclosed threat from an anonymous email. Principal Ben Clausnitzer said the threatening email was sent at approximately 4 p.m. and he immediately contacted authorities following the email. According to an email from FUHSD administration, the threat targeted four of the schools in the district: Fremont, Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista High School, but excluded Cupertino High School. 

Clausnitzer sent a follow-up email at 7:31 p.m. restating that although law enforcement didn’t believe it was a credible threat, there would be a police presence on all five FUHSD campuses. Clausnitzer urged students to reach out to school authorities with relevant information.

In another email at the end of the school day, FUHSD administration stated that “school was able to run smoothly and it appears that the threat was a hoax.”

The San Jose Sheriff’s Office kept a presence around MVHS throughout the school day. (Kaia Yuan)

“In terms of it not being a credible threat, I think more than anything it’s just when you hear and read those things, it’s unnerving,” Clausnitzer said. “As a school in the United States, we’ve seen violence carried out on campuses so I know that along with that brings emotions in people. Now I think it’s about helping support people with their variety of emotions.” 

Junior Dylan Hwang felt confused about why school wasn’t canceled, believing that the district was not prioritizing the physical safety of the students and staff.

“I don’t feel like it was safe to send five schools and 10,000 students to a place that could potentially be dangerous, especially after having those two bomb threats a year ago,” Hwang said. “I feel like it’s only a matter of time before they become more than just threats, and I don’t feel like that should be interfering with our education experience.” 

Law enforcement agents were situated in various spots on campus to ensure the safety of students and staff. (Kaia Yuan)

“If you’re feeling like you need someone to talk with, then that support exists here on campus,” Clausnitzer said. “It’s the right thing to do, in terms of processing your thinking and your feelings with your emotions with a professional so that you can be healthy and productive.” 

While Clausnitzer understands there may be some concerns, he ultimately believes that maintaining school activities is the best choice, given that law enforcement did not consider the threat credible. MVHS remained in contact with law enforcement throughout the day to monitor the threat and had multiple sheriffs patrolling the campus.

“Anytime that occurs, we want to take it seriously,” Clausnitzer said. “If there was any hesitation with law enforcement not being able to tell us if there was a threat, we wouldn’t have had school. Safety is our number one priority.”

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