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Natasha’s Attic: Costume Store

October 23, 2021

Overall: Natasha’s Attic is a welcoming store filled with staff members who are old friends of the owner. Many of them flew in from different parts of the U.S. to help out with the business during the busy month of October. Along with the pleasant ambiance of the store, there is a choice to either purchase or rent costumes from their vast inventory.


Spook/Fun: Browsing through the different costumes and observing the customers who are being fitted for costumes feels like a fever-dream. Travelling through time periods, there are glimpses of the Renaissance, pirates and fairy princesses walking around the store in their glamorous outfits. 


COVID-19 Precautions: As customers try on costumes in various shades and sizes, they keep their masks on. However it is a little difficult for customers to socially distance themselves because of the size of the store, which is crowded with costumes and racks of clothing.


Price: Contrary to its small size, Natasha’s Attic is well stocked with a variety of costumes. While costumes and costume rentals do fall on the pricier side, moderate tailoring is also included. Yelp reviewers claimed to have spent around $100-200 on costumes. However, many of these customers went all out by purchasing high quality makeup and tailored outfits.

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