Class of 2024’s Homecoming Performance

Juniors kick off Homecoming Week with a “Ghostbusters” themed skit


Krish Dev

The Class of 2024 celebrates with confetti at the end of its performance.

Ananya Chaudhary and Krish Dev

Homecoming Week started strong on Monday, Oct. 10, as the Class of 2024 performed its “Ghostbusters” themed skit, which narrated the story of four students wanting to start a club about paranormal activity. As the students wondered how to recruit members, they overheard two ghosts discussing a scheme to open a portal during the Homecoming game. When the ghosts discover students have been listening to their conversation, they fire a confetti cannon, and the girls’ dance begins. 

Juniors and choreographers Ashika Mittal and Gracie Lee began working on the girls’ dance late last school year as sophomores and began practices in mid June. Junior and dancer Aarushi Jain is content with the outcome of the dance, as she says the amount of preparation and support from other dancers helped with her confidence. 

“I think we did really [well],” Jain said. “We tried our best, and there was a lot of hype going in and out, and I think that helped our performance.”

To defeat the ghosts, the students seek help from Physiology teacher Ms. Smath, later discovering that she used to be a Ghostbuster. The students obtain proton packs from the teacher and capture the ghosts during the co-ed dance.

Some performers were concerned about the co-ed dance due to its last-minute choreography and structure, as they feared they would not have enough time to practice or catch up to other dancers. Junior and dancer Miriam Law believes the lack of preparation was a significant obstacle the dancers had to overcome.

“The co-ed [dance] was put together two days before the performance,” Law said. “So I was really surprised that we actually got it done.” 

After the co-ed dance, the four students celebrated their victory in capturing the ghosts, and there was a transition to the boys’ dance. Junior Pranai Raina, who choreographed the dance, found the Indian dance to be his favorite moment.

“My favorite part of the dance was definitely the last part when Matthew Lau hit the windmill, and we went to the Indian dance because it brought the crowd into it and [represented] our Indian community,” Raina said. “Everyone [being] hyped up was a really nice moment.”