Freshmen and Homecoming Court members Courtney Masli and Shivansh Kelkar celebrate on stage during halftime. Photo by Krish Dev.
Freshmen and Homecoming Court members Courtney Masli and Shivansh Kelkar celebrate on stage during halftime. Photo by Krish Dev.

Homecoming 2022 winds down under Friday night lights

Performances and Homecoming Court ceremony held during halftime

October 17, 2022

The halftime break at the Homecoming football game against Lynbrook High School on Friday Oct. 14 showcased the Dance Team, Color Guard, Marching Band and Cheer.  

The Dance Team performed first, presenting a competition routine, which senior and officer Angelina Wang says was an adjustment from the norm. Although Wang says it was the team’s first time performing the routine at a football game, she thinks the performance went well, and they were proud of it.

“This dance was choreographed by a professional choreographer,” Wang said. “So, it was pretty intense and really different from what we usually do. I also found it a lot more fun because the songs are really upbeat. In terms of differences, this [choreography] is a lot more hard hitting and less smooth, which we’re not really used to because most of our dancers’ backgrounds are more ballet or lyrical.”

Afterward, Marching Band and Color Guard positioned themselves on the field for their 2022 show “True North.” According to senior and trumpet section leader Tia Kledzik, Marching Band and Color Guard had to coordinate with each other to make the show. They believe that having different captains and staff for each section significantly helped the organization of the teams since they’re experts for their respective sections. Kledzik says the year has gotten off to a good start and they hope to see the team have more individual practice time to allow team practices to run more smoothly.

“The thing about Marching Band is we’re always thinking a couple steps ahead,” Kledzik said. “Even though this football game we were only playing our intro, opener and ballad, we were still, this past week, working on our closer so that for the next football game, we can have it on the field. It’s really about thinking about the next performance but also thinking about the performances after that.”

Following the performances was the introduction to the 2022 Homecoming Court. Presented to the audience with his love for music and volleyball, freshman and 2026 class officer Shivansh Kelkar walked onto the stage. With only 30 minutes to get ready before the event, Kelkar says he managed to pull off his look in his tuxedo. 

“I was super nervous going up,” Kelkar said. “But when I was on the stage, I realized, ‘what’s the point of being nervous?’ This is probably one of the biggest moments in my life and I love all the friends who supported me.”  

Getting nominated for Homecoming Court was a pleasant surprise for senior Lourdes Diaz as she initially believed that she hadn’t been elected. She had to make a last-minute outfit change from a formal black dress to her mother’s old bridesmaid’s dress, which coincidentally was the same shade of purple as MVHS’ school color. She sees a similarity between her experience in the Homecoming Court and the Class of 2023, as both have experienced last minute changes, but they work out in the end.  

“This is something I’ve been looking forward to since freshman year to be honest,” Diaz said. “I’m just so happy to be representing my class and school.

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