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Stella Petzova

Stella Petzova, Staff Writer

Stella is currently a sophomore and a staff writer for El Estoque. When she's not doing homework, she loves to bike around Cupertino, paint, eat sushi, listen to music and pet her cat.

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MVHS’ best friend

MVHS students share the roles that their pets have played in their lives
MVHS math teacher Josh Kuo is awarded his high school diploma | Photo courtesy of Josh Kuo | Used with permission

Language barriers

ESL community members explain the academic difficulties that come with immigration
Jami Lim and Stella Petzova
June 2, 2024
1-DSC_3884 (2)

[Photo] Baseball

May 25, 2024
A life-saving spray

A life-saving spray

Taking a look into essential information on Narcan and its role in combating opioid overdoses
Giljoon Lee and Stella Petzova
May 23, 2024
Sophomore Avyan Mahajan dives for the ball at a baseball game. Photo courtesy of Avyan Mahajan

Time Out! Ep. 21: Avyan Mahajan

Avyan Mahajan talks about his journey in baseball
Law enforcement leaves campus after giving the all-clear at 8:24 a.m. for school to resume. Photo | Stella Petzova

Shelter-in-place held following shooting threat phone call

MVHS students and staff shelter-in-place before school
Stella Petzova and Aashi Venkat
April 24, 2024
Syzygy refers to the opposition between two objects, such as the sun and moon | Sonia Verma

La Pluma: Syzygy

Members share their works in La Pluma’s fall issue “Syzygy”
Stella Petzova and Benjamin Zhang
April 13, 2024
The phrase women ☕ is often used to bash women on the internet. Photo illustration | Stella Petzova

Women detected, opinion rejected

Deconstructing misogyny on the internet and in the media
Stella Petzova
April 4, 2024
A potential eight-period schedule will not be put into effect in the 2024-25 school year.

New year, same schedule

FUHSD decides not to implement an alternative schedule in the 24-25 school year
Isabelle Kok and Stella Petzova
March 7, 2024
Students often use food and small purchases to motivate themselves to work, such as snacks and drinks. Illustration | Stella Petzova

Treat yourself

Buying small treats for self-motivation can have large impacts
Jillian Ju and Stella Petzova
March 7, 2024
Senior Samhita Kashyap transferred to MVHS her sophomore year after deliberating between multiple bay area high schools, convinced by its reputation of strong academics.

New kid syndrome

Transfer students address obstacles posed by a rigid culture at MVHS
Jami Lim and Stella Petzova
February 2, 2024
Cases of real-life tragedy are turned into true crime content.

Tragedy to television

Students and staff share their controversies with the true crime fascination
Ananya Chaudhary and Stella Petzova
January 26, 2024
2023 Year in-review

2023 Year in-review

El Estoque's Art & Entertainment section reviews popular media from 2023
Ananya Chaudhary and Stella Petzova
January 24, 2024
Many MVHS students use Pinterest to find inspiration for their aesthetic styles.

Picture perfect

Exploring how media influences MVHS students’ aesthetics
Sarah Liu and Stella Petzova
December 9, 2023
Junior and outside back Erin Handlesman arches her leg back to take a powerful shot at the soccer ball downfield.

Girls Soccer ties The King’s Academy 0-0

The Matadors draw with TKA despite multiple injuries
Daphne Huang, Liz Liu, and Stella Petzova
December 2, 2023
The FUHSD Board of Trustees holds a public hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

Balanced voices

Examining the effects of FUHSD election system changes on MVHS
Jason Chu, Lauren Chuu, and Stella Petzova
September 28, 2023
MVHS facilities staff are taking steps to address the ant infestations MVHS has dealt with for years.

Getting antsy

Examining how ant infestations affect MVHS students and faculty
Stella Petzova and Alyssa Yang
September 24, 2023
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