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Corinna Kuo, Staff Writer

Corinna Kuo is currently a sophomore and a staff writer for El Estoque. She is also a member of MVHS's Bella Voce choir and enjoys reading, sewing and tap dancing in her free time.

All content by Corinna Kuo
Photos by Samika Bhatkar, Krish Dev, Corinna Kuo, Michael Kuo, Jami Lim and Lillian Wang

The golden city

El Estoque's Arts & Entertainment section explores the ins and outs of San Francisco
The people we met in San Francisco

The people we met in San Francisco

A snapshot of the Golden City
Corinna Kuo and Brandon Wang
March 27, 2024
Para-Educator teacher Tre McGill faces off against senior Elijah Kang in midair.

Staff beat seniors in the first seniors vs staff basketball game

Lunchtime basketball game pits seniors against school staff
Corinna Kuo and Aletheia Ju
March 20, 2024
State of the art

State of the art

The recent shifts in arts and entertainment factions
The decline of originality in media

The decline of originality in media

The MVHS community shares opinions on the growing trend of adaptations in media
Corinna Kuo and Michelle Zheng
March 8, 2024


From their dreams to their sleep schedules and behaviors, MVHS students have wildly varying experiences with sleep.
A night to remember

A night to remember

Students describe their unusual dreaming experiences
Corinna Kuo and Kathryn Foo
January 26, 2024
A climate protest takes place in New York City, urging action against fossil fuel emissions.

Advocacy in action

Diving into how the MVHS community participates in activism
An activist in San Francisco speaks into a microphone, protesting the 2023 APEC summit. Photo Courtesy of Ann Penalosa / La Voz News

Power to the people

Highlighting people who have participated in protests
Pranati Kotamraju and Corinna Kuo
December 7, 2023
Juniors Elaine Kao, Dylan Ngyuen, Lily Jiang and Ian Lin chat with each other during their Friendsgiving meal.

Friends, Family and Food

Exploring Friendsgiving celebrations among students and staff
Corinna Kuo
December 2, 2023
School safety

School safety

Exploring approaches to support students' physical and mental well-being
An MVHS varsity soccer player uses the turf to practice.

Back to grass?

Expiration of turf contracts sparks debate between grass and artificial fields
Corinna Kuo, Michelle Zheng, and Eric Zhou
November 3, 2023
La Pluma: Behind the pages

La Pluma: Behind the pages

Exploring the members behind the La Pluma magazine
Corinna Kuo and Kaia Yuan
October 30, 2023
The Wellness Room contains a variety of activities to help students relax and de-stress.

Making Space

Exploring new student spaces in MVHS
Implemented this year, the Wellness Room is designed to give students the space and time to reset.

Safe Space

MVHS implements the Wellness Room to help students with de-stressing and self-care
Corinna Kuo, Brandon Xu, and Kaia Yuan
September 29, 2023
Academic experieces may range across classes based on how coherent curriculum is implemented.

Working towards a coherent curriculum through equitable grading practices

Exploring FUHSD student and staff opinions on implementing ‘Grading for Equity’
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