Girls Basketball beats Branham High School 59-54

Matadors remain focused and calm throughout a close second half


Kalyani Puthenpurayil

Senior Emi Kosakura searches for an opening to pass the ball over her opponents.

Varsity Girls Basketball defeated Branham High School 59-54 on Monday, Nov. 28, securing its second win of the season. Despite the team falling behind 29-19 in the first half, it managed to make a comeback in the second half, scoring a hefty 25 points in the third quarter alone, with a final score of 59-54. Junior Vivian Ong scored the most points, 19 out of 59, leading the team to its second victory of the season.  

Senior Varshini Peddinti says the team had a weak start, causing it to lag behind BHS, and believes that going into a game with a better mindset and more intensity is crucial to “help keep the pace up during the rest of the game.” However, she adds that the team was able to switch its mindset during halftime, and the players were able to get their heads in the game. 

“Seeing our teammates come together [with] all the steals, all the blocks and the cheering from the bench was awesome to see,” Peddinti said. “I think if we keep that energy, it will definitely help us for the rest of the season, especially now that we’re in the upper league so we’ll play harder teams.”

Sophomore Miya Kosakura agrees with Peddinti on the importance of the team’s energy and believes the team has a strong capability to bounce back.  

“[We] were coming together to show what we’re capable of,” Kosakura said. “I think we connected more on the court and that led to playing better together.” 

The score was significantly close until the last second, with both teams having a shot at winning. MVHS and BHS called for multiple timeouts throughout the game, especially in the last two quarters when the opposing team would start to gain a lead. 

“It’s stressful, but I feel like we’ve been in situations like these before where it’s back to back,” Peddinti said. “If you put whatever’s on the scoreboard onto yourself, you [are] taking the pressure, and then you start making mistakes. One of our coaches always says ‘stay cool, calm and collected,’ and I think that helps us take control of the game, even in the most frantic times.”