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Sunjin Chang
Sunjin Chang is currently a senior, news and public relations editor. Previously she was a visuals editor. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, playing the piano and taking a nap.

Sunjin Chang, News Editor

May 26, 2019
Animal Euthanasia: An act of humanity (Story)
May 22, 2019
Fight of our lives (Story)
May 12, 2019
Fifty Not-So-Fresh Faces (Story)
Apr 10, 2019
Numb to Atrocities (Story)
Mar 28, 2019
In Memoriam: Alice Wu (Story)
Feb 08, 2019
Watering it down (Story)
Feb 06, 2019
Stories of the Affected: Local perspectives of the 2019 government shutdown (Story)
Dec 18, 2018
Switching roles from teacher to student (Story)
Dec 17, 2018
Upping the recycling game: AP chemistry teacher Kavita Gupta and MVHS students help spread awareness about proper waste disposal (Story)
Nov 21, 2018
A Change in U.S. (Story)
Nov 20, 2018
Looking through the smoke (Story)
Nov 05, 2018
Locking down practice (Story)
Oct 24, 2018
Making a mark on our board (Story)
Oct 23, 2018
Masked Manipulation (Story)
Oct 22, 2018
New Year, New Shirt (Story)
Oct 15, 2018
A world of small trees (Story)
Sep 28, 2018
Site Seeing (Story)
Sep 22, 2018
Forever 20 (Story)
Sep 08, 2018
Cooking up a new year (Story)
May 30, 2018
Joe Roan is checking out (Story)
May 25, 2018
Find My Kid (Story)
May 25, 2018
Coming Home (Story)
May 03, 2018
Korean PTA hosts annual staff appreciation barbecue (Story)
May 01, 2018
Rising into the final days of senior year (Story)
Apr 13, 2018
Masquerade Party goers spend an eventful evening together (Story)
Apr 11, 2018
Scoping out the zodiac (Story)
Mar 12, 2018
Track theft occurs during MVHS Rustbuster Invitational (Story)
Mar 09, 2018
Uninformed: Why freshmen continue to take difficult classes (Story)
Mar 07, 2018
Handling Dishonesty (Story)
Mar 05, 2018
EE sports’ top moments from the 2018 Pyeongchang Games (Story)
Feb 02, 2018
Saving the curve (Story)
Nov 17, 2017
Fresh start to the winter season (Story)
Nov 10, 2017
Field hockey says goodbye to their seniors as they end their season with a tie (Story)
Oct 26, 2017
Girls water polo: Senior Night (Story)
Oct 20, 2017
Class of 2018 celebrates their final homecoming (Story)
Oct 20, 2017
Riding West: Westelius siblings bond over horseback riding (Story)
Oct 11, 2017
Girls water polo: Team defeats Santa Clara HS 10-7 (Story)
Sep 27, 2017
Field hockey: Suffers first loss of the season against Los Altos HS 0-2 (Story)
Sep 17, 2017
Field hockey: Team is victorious over Del Mar HS 3-0 (Story)
Sep 15, 2017
National English Honor Society holds their first meeting of the year (Story)