Rising into the final days of senior year

Seniors indulge in donuts together at the traditional yearly Senior Sunrise


Sunjin Chang and Helen Chao

An American tradition, Senior Sunrise, is a time for graduating seniors to come to school an hour early to watch the sunrise together. Though it requires students to wake up earlier in order to meet at school at 6 a.m., it’s a popular event as many students show up to socialize and spend time with friends.

On April 27, the class of 2018 clustered together on the highest rows of the bleachers for a Friday morning of glazed donuts and sunrise. Some students brought along plush throws to snuggle with friends in. After the sunrise, most students left the field, but several groups stayed on the steps and conversed.

Some students opted to make special and unique memories even before the sunrise began by setting up camp at school. Seniors Gabby Campbell, Hana Kellerman, Emily Nastari, Rebecca Nordeen, Jalin Siu and Juliane Tsai first slept over at Kellerman’s house before heading to the upper field around 5 a.m. to set up a tent. Afterwards, they snacked on chips and Danimals before taking a nap. Around 6 a.m., they left the tent to enjoy the sunrise with the rest of their class. Their blanket-covered forms and tent could even be seen from the bleachers.

“We were all just kind of like, ‘we should come and just do it,’” Nastari said. “It’s our last year. It doesn’t matter if we’re tired all day, it will be worth it because it’s beautiful.”

For senior Sara Nordby, hanging out with her classmates was enough of a reason for her to enjoy the morning, regardless if the cloudy weather prevented a clear sunrise. She was especially pleased with the amount of class participation.

“I feel like senior year has gotten them into participating in different school events,” Nordby said. “Because they realize it’s the last year and they’ve started showing up.”


Flickr Photo Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/el_estoque/albums/72157668457761498