Field hockey: Suffers first loss of the season against Los Altos HS 0-2


Sunjin Chang

On Sept. 22, MVHS took their first defeat of the season as they played Los Altos HS. At the start of the game, they played with great enthusiasm, and encouraging words and cheers could be heard from the sidelines. From across the field, one could hear, “In! Get to position! Get low!” MVHS players successfully protected their goal, ending the first half with a score of 0-0.

But although MVHS players communicated throughout the game and played aggressively, they were unable to defend themselves well in the second half. Within the first five minutes, LAHS players scored a goal through a series of long passes and short corners. Cheers erupted from the benches of LAHS while the disappointment on the faces of the MVHS players was evident. Around 15 minutes into the second half, LAHS scored another goal, changing the score to 0-2. Although MVHS players were persistent until the very end, they faced an unfortunate first loss of the season. Though they were disappointed with the results of the game, the team continued to show positivity and good sportsmanship as they acknowledged their loss as they congratulated LAHS.

Click through the photos below to see shots from the game.
Field Hockey VS Los Altos HS

Field hockey will have their next home game on Friday, September 29.