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Class of 2018 celebrates their final homecoming

Seniors, how do you feel?”

Leading up to their final homecoming, the class of 2018 spent countless hours making their final homecoming the best.

“Since it’s our last year we want to make it memorable [and] we definitely want to make an impact on [MVHS] so we treasured every moment since this is going to be our last big moment at [MVHS],” class of 2018 Treasurer Kevin Tan said.

To make their final mark on MVHS, the senior class met every Saturday, starting two to three weeks before school started. During this time, they would work on their skit decks and dances. At the time, they didn’t know that these countless hours of work would be the most memorable part of their final homecoming.

“I feel like it’s bittersweet because honestly it was annoying and pretty tiring preparing every single weekend but now that it’s over, it’s super surreal. Three months of prep and 15 minutes and we’re done,” class of 2018 Social Manager Haemin Jeong said.

The seniors put on a performance that caught much attention as everyone watched in awe at the dancers who ran across the backdrop with color blast and flyers were thrown into the air. One of the flyers, senior Ryan Lee, who has also participated in Powderpuff all three years as a flyer believes that the performance was only so successful because they were all in it together.

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Behind the scenes of their amazing performance, there were the class officers that made everything possible. The class of 2018 now reflects on the sacrifices the class officers made for them and relay their gratitude. Lee, being friends with most of the officers, has walked alongside them through the preparations.

“I know they were really stressed out but thanks for making those sacrifices so everyone could enjoy it,” Lee said.

The class officers were also very grateful for the immense amount of class participation this year. Starting from increasing the number of dance coaches from one to two leaders to two to three leaders per dance the participation grew immensely. People actually came out to practice and showed dedication which made them very proud.

“I would like to say a huge huge thanks, I feel like we brought out the best out of our efforts, it was a bit fat W and everyone got to enjoy it,” Jeong said. “And [we’re] super thankful for everyone being committed and helping us out.”

The senior class is still accepting the fact that they won’t be experiencing another MVHS homecoming. Within a long period of time, many memories were made and these memories will forever remain in our seniors.

“It hasn’t really hit me yet and I’m really glad to have been here at Monta Vista and participated in all 4 years of homecoming,” class of 2018 president Dhruv Parikh said. “It’s just a great experience.”

From their long list of things to-do before graduation, the seniors have finally checked off their final homecoming and are taking another step into leaving a legacy behind at MVHS.

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