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Girls water polo: Team defeats Santa Clara HS 10-7


Having lost their previous game against Santa Clara HS with a score of 5-9, MVHS had a fighting mindset as they started the game. Before the game started, the team gathered as the captains encouraged them to try their best this game.

“Guys, we can’t let what happened last time affect how we play today so let’s just play our best,” senior captain Neha Mylvaganan said.

Through a series of passes between both teams, the first quarter ended with MVHS taking the lead with 2-0.

“I wasn’t very confident about the game, but after the first quarter, I gained confidence,” said junior goalie Ashna Maheshwary.

As the second and third quarter started to progress, SCHS brought in their star players as they started to focus more on scoring than passing. Maheshwary jumped out of the water as she defended the goal. As the possession shifted back and forth every 30 seconds, the game started to get heated. Both the coaches and parents rose from the bleachers and cheered for their players, telling them when to pass, turn around, and score.

Leaving a minute on the clock during the third quarter, MVHS coach, Chris Love, called for a break as he brought his team in and told them words of encouragement.

“[Love] was talking to us and he was like nothing is going to go our way but this is our game and we should be pushing ourselves,” junior Anika Cheerla said.

During the final quarter, both teams played their best. MVHS communicated more as they called out to their team as they made their passes. With 30 seconds left on the clock, and MVHS leading 10-7, the Matadors decided to focus on defense. Instead of scoring, they stalled time while passing the ball, and the buzzer went off with MVHS’ win of 10-7.

As the team discussed their game afterwards, the locker room was filled with laughter. Many of the players released their inner concerns and feelings they carried throughout the game and expressed gratitude to their teammates as they secured their win.

“Water polo is not a sport where you can just have one good player, you just really need to have a team that can work well together,” Mylvaganan said.

Anticipating their next game, MVHS maintains a positive mindset as they close out the last six games of their season before championships.

MVHS will be playing Harker HS on Monday, October 16.

Check out the photos below from the game against Santa Clara.

Girls Water Polo: MVHS vs SCHS

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