Boys Basketball beats Overfelt High School 76-51 in first round of CCS playoffs

MVHS advances to second round of playoffs against Gunn High School


Michelle Zheng

Senior Itai Lavi attempts to score a three-pointer in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Michelle Zheng

Varsity Boys Basketball won 71-56 against Overfelt High School in the first round of the 2023 CIF Central Coast Section Division II playoffs on Friday, Feb. 17. MVHS had a strong start, ending the first quarter 22-16 with a buzzer beater by senior Austin Hwang. MVHS maintained its lead through the second and third quarters. 

MVHS began to falter in the fourth quarter with multiple turnovers and fouls. With just four minutes left in the final quarter, MVHS had only made two points to OHS’s eight, with an overall score of 62-48. However, after Head Coach Wade Nakamura called a time out, the team regained its momentum and made three two-pointers, one three-pointer and five free throws, winning the game 76-51. 

Senior and shooting guard Itai Lavi says the game went well, other than a few hiccups in the final quarter. He says every player helped each other during the game and attributes the team’s success to its chemistry.

“No teammate set [anybody] up [to fail], and all the teammates did a great job getting everybody open and [giving] everybody looks,” Lavi said. “That’s what makes our team really special. We all care for each other and want everyone to succeed.”

Furthermore, junior and point guard Jake Nakamura adds that reviewing OHS’s previous games helped the team prepare. However, Nakamura claims that the most important factor for the team’s success was everyone’s confidence in each other. 

“Obviously, I’m confident in my team,” Nakamura said. “I expected a win and [that’s] exactly what [happened].”

Happy to have won the first round of CCS playoffs, Nakamura says he is excited to play against Gunn High School on Saturday, Feb. 18. Just like how he expected to win against OHS, Nakamura has the same confidence for the game against GHS. 

Lavi echoes Nakamura’s belief, saying the team always strives to maintain a positive mindset going into a game. With the goal of winning CCS state championships, Lavi believes the team will again succeed in its game against GHS.

“I mean, obviously you don’t come in with the expectation of losing the game, so game after game, we come in, head in with our heads up and we try to go tackle that win,” Lavi said. “I mean, the goal stays the same: win state championships.”