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Girls Tennis: Team falls in CCS quarterfinal

Girls Tennis: Team falls in CCS quarterfinal

Anish Vasudevan and Sreya Kumar

November 11, 2018

Sophomore Brooke Young stood beside the tennis courts, sweat dotted her forehead as her eyes stayed fixed on the remaining matches on the court. Needing just three more of her teammates to win their matches, she nervously awaited the results. The Matadors headed into Thursday’s match against Palo Alt...

Girls tennis: Team wins 4-3 against Saratoga HS

Girls tennis: Team wins 4-3 against Saratoga HS

Roshan Fernandez

September 19, 2017

he Matadors huddled for their own team chant on Sept. 12, just as the Saratoga HS players finished their own team cheer. The team brought energy to the court, laughing and joking with one another as they came together into their huddle. The players yelled the traditional Matador cheer in loud, spir...

Girls tennis: Return of long time coach brings high hopes

Photo by Anthony Moll

Aditi Gnanasekar

August 19, 2017

he week before school started, MVHS’ tennis courts were filled with sunshine, lively chatter and the sound of rackets swooshing back and forth. With coach Gene Fortino’s return and the recruitment of four freshmen, the team is expecting to perform well in the upcoming season. The team has a rig...

What it feels like to be a freshman on varsity: Freshman sensation

Freshman Claire Ettinger passes the ball to a teammate during a game against Milpitas HS.

Roshan Fernandez

January 31, 2017

When girls varsity tennis coach Lu Tang yelled for his players to huddle up at the end of tryouts, freshman Meera Bambroo felt a bit lost. Since the coach hadn’t posted a roster, she was unsure whether she had made the varsity team or not. But after a talk with the team captain, Bambroo discovered...

Girls tennis: Team beats Lynbrook HS at senior game three days after their senior night celebrations

Senior Laura Cao talks to junior Carol Lei, who, with the rest of the team, helped organize the senior night celebrations. Photo by Tanya Ravichandran.

Himani Yalamaddi

November 8, 2016

At the girls tennis team’s last match against Lynbrook HS on Oct. 31, there was a special spectator — former head coach Gene Fortino. Fortino coached the MVHS girls tennis team for 12 years, until he decided last year that the two-hour commute from his home in Gilroy to MVHS was too long. Fortino...

Girls tennis: Team picks up first home win of season against Gunn HS

Freshman Meera Bamboo waits for her doubles partner, sophomore Tanya Ravichandran to serve.

Himani Yalamaddi

October 26, 2016

What should have been a routine match against Gunn HS on Sept. 29 turned out a little differently than expected. The game was supposed to take place almost a month ago, but GHS had it postponed until Oct. 24. The day before MVHS’ next away game against them. When the day of the game finally came,...

Girls tennis: Team stays positive after losing 1-6 in first league match of season

Team huddles together before the match.

Himani Yalamaddi

September 22, 2016

History repeated itself at the girls tennis team’s first match of the season. Saratoga HS, who beat MVHS 6-1 at the CCS quarterfinals last year, delivered the same outcome on MVHS’ home turf on Sept. 15. SHS made it to CCS finals last year and with the addition of new, stronger players to their...

Girls Tennis: Team scores a big win in senior night game

Sandhya Kannan

November 10, 2015

Girls Tennis by Sandhya Kannan on Exposure...

Girls tennis: Team bounces back with a strong win against Los Gatos High School

Girls tennis: Team bounces back with a strong win against Los Gatos High School

Kalpana Gopalkrishnan

October 26, 2014

The morning of the girls tennis match against Los Gatos High School, sophomore Arushi Rai could not walk. After doing a set of squats the night before, her right leg knotted tightly. With her one good leg, Rai traveled to her classes via scooter, unsure of whether she would play that day’s match. While...