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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Salma Rezeik puts on makeup in a scene of Elhaks film Absentia, where Elhak uses clip overlap to characterize the subjects mind racing.

You can study that?

Chiran Arumugam, Staff Writer December 13, 2022
Students and alumni share their opinions on stigmas around certain college majors
Photo by Jen Theodore | Used with permission (Unsplash)

Senioritis: resisting the urge to do nothing

Alex Zhang, Staff Writer December 10, 2022

“What’s the point of this?” “What’s the point of any of this?” I stare blankly at the empty doc in front of me, the words “due at 11:59” in bold on my computer. My fingers hesitate over...

Photo by Ekrulila | Used with permission (Pexels)

Applying to college for myself

Alex Zhang, Staff Writer November 5, 2022

“How many colleges are you applying to?” “Which Ivy League schools do you think you have a shot at?” “Don’t you think you can do better?”  The questions hurtle a million miles an hour...

AP African-American Studies and AP Precalculus are set to join the 38 AP exams currently offered by College Board.

The College Board announces two new AP courses

Jason Chu and Krish Dev November 4, 2022

The College Board recently announced the planned addition of two new AP classes — AP African American Studies and AP Precalculus  — which will be available starting in the 2023-2024 school year. According...

MVHS alum 21 Oishee Misra sits in her dorm

Moving in

Alan Tai October 13, 2022
Exploring how former MVHS students experience dorm culture
Anika Deshpande poses with her friend at a sorority event. Photo courtesy of Anika Deshpande | Used with Permission

Fraternity and sorority culture

Pranati Kotamraju and Irene Tang October 13, 2022
MVHS alumni share their experiences with Greek Life
Photo courtesy of Serena Liu | Used with permission

Illustration | Sophia Ma

New beginnings

Kripa Mayureshwar and Eric Zhou October 12, 2022
Exploring alum college adjustment journeys

Justifying different mindsets about college

Crystal Cheng and Jisha Rajala October 7, 2022
Discussing the pros and cons of idolizing college
Getting with the program

Getting with the program

Sophia Ma and Trisha Sannappanavar October 5, 2022
MVHS alum recount their experiences in specialized programs
New counselor Ashley Voigt checks emails in her office. Photo by Avni Gandhi

MVHS welcomes Counselor Ashley Voigt

Avni Gandhi and Aashna Patel September 14, 2022

Counselor Ashley Voigt shares that when she was a high school student at MVHS in 2008, the college application process was “very unique and scary,” especially since she was a first generation college...

University prestige is a crucial selling point for many parents. Why is that the case?

Much ado about prestige

Anushka De April 27, 2022
Understanding why parents place weight on the name brand of a university
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