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At the beginning of MV Cinema Club's first meeting of the year, room B211 was filled with students eager to get started. Photo by Justine Ha

Kickstarting the year: MV Cinema Club hosts first meeting

Justine Ha September 16, 2019
Club hosts different Kahoot games testing movie trivia and distributes free donuts
Behind the camera

Behind the camera

Ruth Feng January 29, 2019

Confusion. This was the initial reaction that physics teacher Jim Birdsong had when two students approached him with the idea of making a movie about his life. Birdsong has been teaching at MVHS for...

Rolling out the jade carpet: Exploring the recent surge in Asian representation in media

Rolling out the jade carpet: Exploring the recent surge in Asian representation in media

Hannah Lee, Emily Xia, Ruth Feng, Elena Khan, and Aditya Dash September 27, 2018
The impacts from new films "Crazy Rich Asians" and "To All the Boys I've Ever Loved"
It’s impossible not to love ‘Love, Simon’

It’s impossible not to love ‘Love, Simon’

Nathan Stevens April 11, 2018

Going into the theater, I didn’t expect much out of “Love, Simon.” The movie had been all over social media, advertised as a progressive rom-com about a closeted gay high school student. It looked...

(From L-R): Bryan Cranston as

“Isle of Dogs” is pawsitively enjoyable

Michelle Wong March 31, 2018

etails, as in most Wes Anderson films, aren't ignored in "Isle of Dogs” — the Oscar-nominated director's whimsical second attempt at a feature-length stop motion film. The film features all elements...

A Film Lover: Razi Mahmood

A Film Lover: Razi Mahmood

Karen Sanchez December 12, 2017

or senior Razi Mahmood, film is the best kind of art. There’s a sense of joy, a small satisfaction and excitement, when the theater slowly grows darker before a movie. The same can be felt when lying...

The two films British Literature teacher Randy Holaday shows in his class. 2010 rendition (left), 2015 rendition (right).

British Literature curriculum uses technology in teaching Macbeth

Karen Ma November 17, 2017

igh school students have long known the works of William Shakespeare. Although sentiments regarding the renowned English playwright and poet vary, there is no doubt that his notoriously obscure language...

Bluelight Cinemas hits the lights: local movie theater closes

Bluelight Cinemas hits the lights: local movie theater closes

Priya Reddy November 16, 2017

When Art Cohen bought Bluelight Cinemas in 2009, he knew he was in for a lot of work. The movie theater, which had opened in the 1970s, had gone through several owners before it closed down for the first...

Netflix releases

Netflix releases “Audrie&Daisy”

Mallika Singh October 5, 2016

Two girls. Two nights. Two heartbreaking stories. “Audrie&Daisy,” a documentary produced in part for the purpose of being shown in schools, was released on Netflix on Sept. 23, 10 months after its...

Movie Update: REX Productions gets ready to release new film, “Colorful”

Movie Update: REX Productions gets ready to release new film, “Colorful”

Anjana Melvin December 20, 2015

In action: Junior Henry Wang films and sophomore Neel Chaudari checks audio as English teacher David Clarke and sophomore Jeremi Kalkowski act out the scene where the college student goes to talk...

William (junior Zach Sanchez, pictured) attempts to reason with Jack (junior Thaddeus Tarshis) following a dispute over William’s lack of time spent with Jack. The conflict between the two and Jack’s subsequent guilt serves as the focus of the film. Source: REX Productions.

REX Productions releases ‘Absolution’

Varsha Venkat April 24, 2015

 frustrated high school student named William (junior Zach Sanchez) stands, hand-to-head, on the dirt hiking trail as his friend Jack (junior Thaddeus Tarshis) walks away, map in hand. The screen...

During one of the flashbacks in the film, Kristen (senior Kaz Tarshis) relives her and Mark’s (junior Mikey Goldman) first date in the park. The short movie is REX Productions’ sixth film since the club‘s inception last year. Source: REX Productions.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Two Halves’

Varsha Venkat January 28, 2013

REX Productions gives an inside look into the filmmaking process behind its latest movie. What do you get when you combine three musical ghosts of Christmas past with a love story?If you watched REX...

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