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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Student writers use a variety of methods for planning their novels, from braindumping on sticky notes to simply storing ideas in their minds.

An open book

Abha Dash and Lillian Wang December 6, 2023
Student authors share the writing process behind their novels
Junior Clara Fan prepares to make another attempt in her high jump event at the Saint Francis Track and Field Invitational, with her lucky tape wrapped around her left wrist. 

Photo courtesy of Clara Fan | Used with permission


Abha Dash and Michelle Zheng November 3, 2023

Junior Clara Fan Junior and track and field member Clara Fan started her superstition of putting tape on her wrist during an afterschool practice her freshman year. As there was extra athletic tape, which...

Filling my own shoes

Abha Dash, Staff Writer October 18, 2023

It was the end of summer break, and my brother was leaving for college, traveling over 2,400 miles away to Cleveland, Ohio. As he was about to leave, he ran back into the house and hugged me tightly, crying...

In August 2023, the choir room was still undergoing construction. | Photo by Giljoon Lee

Deconstructing construction

Ten days before students returned to campus, the floor of the F building’s vocal music room was covered in bundles of Thermafiber insulation and piles of gypsum boards. The choir’s new practice rooms...

Protecting ourselves

Protecting ourselves

Taking a look at how students protect different facets of their lives
Journalists should be respected when voicing their opinion and not  censored

Protecting our voice

Abha Dash, Arjun Dhruv, and Gauri Manoj February 15, 2023

Protecting our voices “They don’t respect us as student journalists.” This was the headline of Daniel Pearl Magnet High School’s editorial after hearing that their journalism advisor...

From farm to table

From farm to table

Exploring the processes and people behind the food we eat at MVHS
A Day in the Life: Student Food Distributors

A Day in the Life: Student Food Distributors

Abha Dash, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

Three student food distributors talked about how they got the job in the first place and the benefits and challenges they face when distributing food to the MVHS students.

Kenneth Gan poses with his pet python Udon in his classroom. 
Photo by Abha Dash

Animal Love

Abha Dash, Staff Writer October 10, 2022
Exploring teachers’ pets and the impact they have on them
MVHS students and staff share the small things that make them happy

It’s the little things

Kripa Mayureshwar and Nika Zamani November 7, 2021
Exploring the small joys in staff and students’ lives
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