El Estoque

Rats have been found in and around the pipes that line walls and ceilings of classrooms.

MVHS faces rat infestation

Krish Dev, Tanish Mendki, and Aashi Venkat April 26, 2022

Just before February break, English teacher Derek Lu noticed a narrow hole in the ceiling of his classroom. Upon further inspection, Lu learned that the hole was caused by rats that were digging for food....

The new bell schedule for the 2022-23 school year.

FUHSD implements new bell schedule for 2022-23 school year

Krish Dev and Tanish Mendki March 15, 2022
Major schedule changes include an 8:30 a.m start and seven periods on Monday
MVHS estimates lower enrollment in coming years

MVHS estimates lower enrollment in coming years

Tanish Mendki and Matthew Yoshimoto March 11, 2022
Explaining the causes and effects of declining enrollment within FUHSD
Tracking COVID-19

Tracking COVID-19

Tanish Mendki and Lillian Wang February 12, 2022
Exploring the process of managing cases at MVHS
The College Board announces new format for the SAT

The College Board announces new format for the SAT

Tanish Mendki January 27, 2022
Explaining the changes made to the standardized test
Breaking the bubble

Breaking the bubble

Tanish Mendki and Michelle Chen December 10, 2021
CDC gives complete approval to the COVID-19 vaccine, authorizing its administration for ages 5-11
The Eternals teaser, the film was announced at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel’s “Eternals” disappoints despite an eternal run-time and diverse cast

Krish Dev and Tanish Mendki November 14, 2021
Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao’s venture into superhero films is overwhelming
Cyclists use the separated bike lane on McClellan Road to avoid possible car accidents. Photo courtesy of the City of Cupertino

Bike lane separation on McClellan Road named “project of the year”

Tanish Mendki and Melody Cui October 24, 2021
Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Public Works Society calls the construction “a key step in combating climate change”
The watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright in the intro sequence for What If...? Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Superhero daydreams come to reality in Marvel’s ‘What If…?’

Tanish Mendki October 12, 2021
The latest addition to the Marvel universe is every fan’s dream
Construction in front of the tennis courts and main gym.

Back on track

Exploring the changes implemented at MVHS in preparation for a new school year
FUHSD schools shift to hybrid learning

FUHSD schools shift to hybrid learning

On April 19, all schools within FUHSD started hybrid learning, an opportunity for students to return to an in-person format of instruction as COVID-19 conditions in Santa Clara County...

Former police officer from Minneapolis, Derek Chauvin, is escorted from the trial hall where he was found guilty for the murder of George Floyd

Derek Chauvin found guilty for the murder of George Floyd

Tanish Mendki April 20, 2021
Police officer charged with manslaughter and third degree murder in the case of George Floyd
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