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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

School Resource Officer Aalok Patel poses for a photo. | Photo courtesy of Aalok Patel | Used with permission

Behind the badge

Alan Tai, Mihir Vishwarupe, and Eric Zhou April 6, 2024

EE: From assisting school administration to ensuring the safety of campuses, SROs such as Officer Aalok Patel, work to ensure that schools stay as a safe and proactive community in the area we live...

Graphic | Sarah Liu

Stereotypes Podcast Part 3: Linguistics in Movies

Sarah Liu and Michelle Zheng December 6, 2023

S: Hi, I’m Sarah. M: Hi, I’m Michelle. S and M: And today, we will be discussing linguistic stereotyping in movies. M: We’ll be exploring how the use of language stereotypes in movies...

Bad art and the room to improve

Jillian Ju and Giljoon Lee December 2, 2023

TW: You’re tearing me apart, Lisa! GL & JJ: Oh, hi audience.  JJ: What you just heard was the most iconic line from the 2003 independent film “The Room,” produced and starred by Tommy...

English teachers Vennessa Nava and Hannah Gould discuss film analysis through critical lenses on their podcast, That Was Weird. Photo courtesy of Giljoon Lee | Used with permission.

On the mic

Jami Lim October 29, 2023

As the bell rings to signal the end of the school day, sophomore Ryan Li eagerly leaves his seventh period class and makes the trip down to the MVHS string room to meet his friend and creative partner...

Clara Fan prepares for her high jump at the 2022 CIF State Championships in Clovis, CA

Time Out! Ep.3: Clara Fan

Lily Jiang May 21, 2023
Exploring Clara Fan’s journey throughout track and field and future plans in the sport
2023 NBA Playoffs Conference Finals EE-SPN Graphic by Arjun Dhruv and Manas Kottakotta

EE-SPN Ep. 2: NBA Conference Finals 2023

Arjun Dhruv and Manas Kottakota May 19, 2023
Analyzing the conference finals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs
Graphic by Michelle Zheng

The final run ep 1: Boys Basketball

Aditya Shukla and Michelle Zheng May 15, 2023
Discussing with seniors Austin Hwang, Shreyas Inampudi, Dominic Kellogg III, Itai Lavi and Leonardo Sze about their final CCS and season
EE-SPN 2023 NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals Podcast with Manas Kottakota and Arjun Dhruv

EE-SPN Ep. 1: NBA Conference Semifinals 2023

Manas Kottakota and Arjun Dhruv May 2, 2023
Analyzing the conference semifinals of the NBA Playoffs
Emi and Miya Kosakura pose for a photo with their parents on senior night.

Time out! Ep. 2: Emi and Miya Kosakura

Dahlia Schilling March 24, 2023
Diving into Emi and Miya Kosakura’s relationship on and off the basketball court

Time out! Ep.1: Hayden Ancheta

Kathryn Foo March 20, 2023
Sitting down with wrestler Hayden Ancheta to discuss stories from his time in wresting the importance of mentality, and the growth of his personal brand
Stereotypes Podcast Part 2: Zodiac Signs

Stereotypes Podcast Part 2: Zodiac Signs

Sarah Liu and Michelle Zheng October 1, 2022
Discussing our common zodiac stereotypes
 Third grader Mark Carpenter dresses up as a pirate for Halloween, and explains that they will always be a pirate at heart

Staff stories: Always a pirate at heart

Taryn Lam and Aashi Venkat September 30, 2022
Mark Carpenter shares life-defining tales of ignorance, curiosity and gratitude
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