Stereotypes Podcast Part 2: Zodiac Signs

Discussing our common zodiac stereotypes

Sarah Liu and Michelle Zheng

S: Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a Taurus.

M: Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m an Aries.

SM: And today we’ll be discussing our common Zodiac stereotypes!

S: Stereotype number one: Aries are known to be impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive and aggressive. 

M: I personally agree with most of these traits, except for the moody one. I think that while I am short-tempered and get agitated easily, my mood is pretty stable and I won’t be sad or mad without a good reason. However, the other traits describe me so perfectly that I’m actually starting to believe in Zodiac Signs. I am impatient and hate having to wait for something, especially when it comes to waiting for food to be served. Also, as I am a spontaneous person, most of my plans are built on an impulse. In my opinion, this is not just a weakness but a strength as well. While being impulsive means that I often do things with a short amount of planning, some people really need that impulse to push themselves to take that first step in doing something. This is actually why I enjoy being an impulsive person. I mean, who doesn’t like an adventure? 

S: Well, it’s not enjoyable for those who have to wait for you since you’re practically late for everything.

M: I guess that’s why impulsiveness is considered more as a weakness than a strength.

 S: I would also say that I agree with most of these traits, at least for this particular Aries. I’m just saying based on what I’ve seen for the past couple of years, you are pretty spontaneous and sometimes impatient. Even though you’re the one that’s always late for everything. I would also say agree for being aggressive, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you’re trying to get people to meet section deadlines. 

M: Stereotype 2: Taurus are stubborn, uncompromising and possessive. 

S: Hmmm, I don’t generally think these traits apply to me in particular, like I think everyone can be some degree of stubborn, uncompromising and possessive at times, and I wouldn’t say I’m any more of these than other people. I guess I can be stubborn at times, but it’s not like a “my way or the highway” type of mentality. 

M: I personally disagree with these traits as well, and might I emphasize, at least for this particular Taurus. 

S: Hey! Maybe you should add “copycat” to your traits. 

M: Well, maybe the possessive trait is true after all. But jokes aside, you are compromising and alright with going to places that others choose, so that trait definitely does not describe you. I feel like you are stubborn at times though. For example, whenever we fight, it takes both of us some time to make up.

S: Ay we don’t talk about what happened at the Journalism convention in LA.

S: Stereotype number three: Aries like comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges and individual sports. 

S: Yooo, this is creepily accurate.

M: Oh my gosh. Is Securely taking my data and putting it on these Zodiac websites? Cause how did they know about my personal life?? As someone who is part of ASB Leadership and Track and Field, their description that Aries enjoy taking on leadership roles, physical challenges and individual sports are, as you also said, “creepily accurate.” 

S: And at school, I always see you wearing hoodies, sweats, and, most importantly, Nike slides! You clearly prefer wearing comfortable clothes. 

 M: I might actually start believing these zodiac readings by the end of this podcast.

M: Stereotypes number four: Tauruses like gardening, cooking, music and working with hands. 

S: Wow, these stereotypes are turning out to be true — gardening and baking are my two favorite hobbies. I wouldn’t agree with music, but I do enjoy doing crafts and other activities involving working with my hands. 

M: Baking is definitely one of your favorite hobbies. I mean look at how much weight I’ve gained just from eating the lava cakes and brownies you made during quarantine! 

M: You know, after discussing these different stereotypes about zodiac signs, I think we can conclude that they can be scarily accurate about a person’s traits and hobbies to some extent, which is completely opposite of what we said about sibling stereotypes on our last podcast. 

S: But just like our last podcast, we do have to say that while these zodiac readings are fun and entertaining to read once in a while, they shouldn’t be used to judge someone before you get to know them. Don’t let this define the lens that you see other people.

M: That’s it for today! 

S: And this has been

M: Michelle

S: And Sarah!