El Estoque

Behind CSF’s Volunteer Events

People arrive at the festival and receive a hand-painted cherry blossom branch on their cheek.

Emily Xia

October 18, 2017

CSF officers describe the events that they volunteer at

‘Iron Chef’ competition leads to sweet success

‘Iron Chef’ competition leads to sweet success

Anjali Bhat

December 8, 2013

Leadership’s Student Recognition commission hosted the Iron Chef cooking competition modeled after the famous Food Network show, on Dec. 8. If foods had several components, such as a filling or a garnish, teams were allowed to prepare at home, but assembly and presentation of the final dish had to...

Teacher Jessica Kaufman on her love for body art

Kaufman's flower tattoo spent a total of two hours to ink

Shannon Lin

January 31, 2013

How many tattoos do you actually have? I have 7 [laughs]. When I was eighteen I wanted one because at the time, I thought they were pretty. Most of my tattoos are flowers and I wanted a flower so I got a lily with a big plant thing that takes up my lower back. I decided that I didn’t like the ...

Fifteen minutes of Hollywood fame

English teacher Jessica Kaufman (top left) met actor James Franco (top right) at UCLA. English teacher Terry Anderson (bottom left) was in the middle of the paparazzi with actress Marcia Cross (bottom right). Photo illustrations (top and bottom left) by Soumya Kurnool. James Franco picture courtesy of David Shankbone. Marcia Cross picture courtesy of Flickr user Kirk S.

Soumya Kurnool

October 14, 2011

Literature teacher Terry Anderson  was caught in the crossfire of paparazzi. Math teacher Colin Anderson dated Tom Hanks’s niece at UC Santa Cruz. Literature teacher Jessica Kaufman rejected James Franco. Even though it might be tough to imagine teachers having a life outside of school, teachers ...