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Juniors taking the CAASPP take a lunch break after their first math testing session on May 12. Photo by Sophia Chen

CAASPP testing during COVID-19

Sophia Chen, Copy Editor May 20, 2021
Examining the logistics behind in-person standardized testing

Day In a Life of a New Normal

Rachel Jiang May 16, 2021
Exploring MVHS during in-person hybrid learning
Investigating the interactions between teachers, unions, districts and communities that shaped the reopening of schools

“Parent bullies” and “teachers who cried wolf”

Anushka De and Riya Ravuri March 19, 2021
How disadvantaged students and financial incentives led to schools resuming in-person instruction
Ones Instagram Account

Social media account details alleged sexual assault

Rachel Jiang, Ishaani Dayal, and Tina Low March 13, 2020
Instagram posts cause stir in local community about district response to harassment claims
Dangers of the Web

Dangers of the Web

Exploring the different facets of cybersecurity

New faces fill old shoes

Andrea Perng and Tyler Cho September 1, 2018

or assistant principal Janice Chen, it was the thrill of coming back to her alma mater, to the place where she had begged for rides to lunch outings, where she had sweated bullets competing on the volleyball...

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