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Live coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at MVHS

Live coverage of COVID-19 (coronavirus) at MVHS

Hannah Lee

March 12, 2020

Updates on the impacts of COVID-19, more commonly referred to as coronavirus

Breaking down the nutrition of 16-ounce drinks: What’s in a drink?

Breaking down the nutrition of 16-ounce drinks: What's in a drink?

Charlotte Chui

December 20, 2019

Breaking down the nutritional information of popular 16-ounce drinks

Annual Heroes Run aims to improve healthcare for children

A Heroes Run Volunteer helps a girl cross a section from the obstacle course. This was one of the attractions at the Heroes Run this year.

Tanish Mendki

November 24, 2019

Exploring the community event directed toward making child healthcare more affordable

Reputations: Self-care

A glimpse into the different types of self-care students at MVHS employ

Emily Xia

November 24, 2019

Looking at how MVHS students maintain their personal health

End the stigma

End the stigma

Jasmine Lee and Sreya Kumar

November 23, 2019

Taking out a pad is a daunting task. Your eyes briefly scan the classroom before subtly sliding it up your sleeve. Your feet calmly carry you out the door before you start making a dash toward the restroom. When you look down, you realize that there’s already a stain. While MVHS is typically characterized as an ...

Lone Ranger: A factor for depression

Featured Image

Rachel Jiang

November 5, 2019

Investigating the connection between mental illness and individualism promoted by our community