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The Bachelor franchise needs to increase diversity in its cast

Chris Soules poses with the contestants of season 15 of the Bachelor.

Jayanti Jha

March 20, 2020

Every year, 30 girls gather in a luxury mansion, trying to win the heart of a man and be the woman that he, the Bachelor, proposes to. Later, one of those girls reverses the role and in turn, is to be won over by around 30 men, all of whom also fall in love with her at first sight. Then in the follow...

Welcoming diversity: The non-Indian dancers of MV Bhangra

Senior Sabina Law and Leslie Ligier dance as the captain watch.

Jai Uparkar

November 21, 2018

MVHS Bhangra team has more ethnic diversity on their team than previous years

The impact of Fenty Beauty

The impact of Fenty Beauty

Michelle Wong

October 8, 2017

ith the increased advocacy for diversity, makeup brands seem to be attempting to make their products accessible for a wider variety of people. On Sept. 8, Rihanna released her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, which included a variety of makeup products including foundation, highlighter and lip gloss. Accor...

Superstitions: Superstitions from around the world

Superstitions: Superstitions from around the world

Devika Watave

October 13, 2015

Co-written by Fatima Ali. Additional reporting by Anjana Melvin. In a previous version of the story, Kathleen Ra's name was misspelled. Everyone has heard of the classic superstitions; see a black cat and you’ll have bad luck, step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back, break a mirror...

Affirmative action proves not to be the best solution to provide diversity

Ashish Samaddar

April 10, 2014

Affirmative Action tackles the outcome, not the cause behind lack of minorities. Read More »...

Competition between clubs encourages innovation

The very different designs of similar clubs’ shirts shows how competition between clubs forces them to be creative and look outside the box, adding to the diversity of our school. Photo illustration by Kevin Guo.

Kevin Guo

September 25, 2011

The National Technological Honor Society, or NTHS for short, is a business and technology club recently established on campus. It focuses on applying business concepts in the real world, especially in a technological setting. Despite having been on campus for only a year, it is already well publicized and is attracting competitors from both FBLA and DEC...

Varsity baseball team unrepresentative of school demographics

Varsity baseball team unrepresentative of school demographics

Tina Hsu

April 8, 2011

Asian minority argues that lack of cultural variety within team is offset by sportsmanship. Read More »...