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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

Students define girlhood as what it means to them in a sentence or phrase.

Entering a new era

Aashi Venkat and April Wang March 7, 2024

From pink bows to the lights and glamor of Barbie Land, social media has seen a surge of femininity, coined as "girlhood" by the various trends highlighting what it means to be a girl today. Women have...

Junior Ian Lin faces the wall, showcasing his thrifted merch of hip-hop artist Drake.

Vintage is the new vogue

Ananya Chaudhary and Dylan Nguyen November 2, 2023

Fashion harbors a cycle of trends that rise and fall, often revisiting the past, with vintage trends and older styles regaining popularity. Most recently, from the early revival of denim to niche, asymmetrical...

Belshe and other attendees gather outside of the 16th Street Baptist Church. (Used with permission | Photo courtesy of Bonnie Belshe)

Learning from the past, shaping the future

Jami Lim and Mihir Vishwarupe September 25, 2023

Sixty years after the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, history teacher Bonnie Belshe gathered with 400 people in Birmingham, Alabama to attend the 2023 Forging Justice Commemoration conference for a...

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair during the 2021 presidential inauguration was a cultural reset, according to Wired – one of millions of memes the Internet has produced since its inception.

A memes to an end

Lillian Wang November 5, 2022
Investigating the influence of Internet humor on politics
The concept of one size fits all, predominantly oriented around one size fitting smaller bodies, is harmful.

Expanding past size zero

Aashi Venkat and Anabelle Walker October 9, 2022
The consequences of corporate resistance to include diverse body types
Photo Courtesy of Bonnie Belshe | The chaperones for 2022s combined prom pose on the deck of the ship where prom takes place as they pass by the Golden Gate Bridge

All Aboard!

Jiya Singh May 26, 2022

After being canceled for the last two years due to the pandemic, prom is back at MVHS. This year, as a combined event with juniors and seniors, aspects of both Junior Prom and Senior Ball were taken to...

Photo by Kayla Henderson-Wood | Used with permission

Oakland teachers strike to protest school closures

Michelle Chen and Angela Zhang May 22, 2022
Examining the reasons behind the strike and its connection to MVHS
FUHSD’s new schedule for 2022-23 school year adopts mandatory delayed start time

FUHSD’s new schedule for 2022-23 school year adopts mandatory delayed start time

Crystal Cheng and Matthew Yoshimoto April 17, 2022
Exploring decisions behind the schedule and its response from the community
Continuous Coverage on Ethnic Studies, updates on the development of the ethnic studies course at FUHSD will be added as new information is available.

Continuous coverage on Ethnic Studies

Krish Dev, Website Editor March 29, 2022

March 29 Social Studies Curriculum lead Viviana Torres has been assigned with a three year role that involves facilitating two teams that are part of the development of the Ethnic Studies course at...

Crazy School Stories

Crazy School Stories

Prisha Tiwari, Features Editor March 10, 2022
Teachers recount memorable moments with students during their career
Cover graphic for Behind the announcements, graphic by Krish Dev.

Behind the announcements

Krish Dev, Website Editor February 6, 2022

"Good Morning, Monta Vista!" Every school day hundreds of students and staff hear the start of the announcements,  Senior Clerical Assistant Jennifer Giarritta makes the transcripts in the morning,...

Journalist Jeff Chang coined the name Golden Era for the period of rap music produced from 1986 to the late 1990s

The Golden Era and modern rap

Anushka De December 8, 2021
How 90s hip-hop artists have shaped the current rap scene
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