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The audition process behind Andaaz

Andaaz captains Vega Jethani, Akshat Rohatgi, Sachi Roy, and Surya Ramesh for the 2019-20 school year. Photo by Shreshta Ranganathan

Shreshta Ranganathan, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

oing into the 2019 Andaaz auditions, senior captains Vega Jethani and Surya Ramesh and junior captains Akshat Rohatgi and Sachi Roy asked every student auditioning the same question: “What is the most important trait every dance team should have?”  Roy breaks down the answers that students gave into four categor...

Monta Vista Andaaz at ‘Spotlite on India’

MV Andaaz poses at the end of their routine at LHS SIlsilay 2019. Photo used with permission.

Ishani Singh

April 12, 2019

As the school year winds down, the MV Andaaz team is preparing for its first and last home show of the year, Spotlite on India, hosted by Indian-American Student Association (IASA). Despite taking part in several shows at various other schools both within and outside of FUHSD this year, Spotlite is co...

Freshman Bollywood dance

Freshman Bollywood dance

Hannah Lee

January 30, 2018

reshman Purva Gangur lined up in the gym with her friends, feeling excited to start learning Bollywood as part of the freshman P.E. dance unit. There was an apprehensive buzz of chatter among the students who had heard that all of the freshman P.E. classes would be learning a Bollywood dance. Gangur...

Long time dancer explores teaching

One of the 17 students, aged 5 to 8 years old, laughs with her mother as they talk to junior Anu Varshneya. Varshneya eaches Bollywood dance in a small dance studio on De Anza Boulevard. Photo by Karishma Mehrotra.

Karishma Mehrotra

February 8, 2012

“All right let’s try it one last time. I’m not gonna help you. You guys are doing great, but I still need to see more smiles, all right?” A few kids move their attention back to the mirror the small Academy of Chinese Performing studio on De Anza Boulevard, rented out by the Mona Khan Company for this class. Bollywood music blare...

Turn on your subtitles

Turn on your subtitles

Karishma Mehrotra

December 22, 2009

https://elestoque.org/images/stories/paatopheadline.jpgBollywood's new release would make Hollywood bow down  Read More »...