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Zoom school replaces in-person learning during pandemic

Zoom school replaces in-person learning during pandemic

Examining various perspectives about instruction through a screen
Junior Kayla Leung shows off her anime merchandise filled room.

The stories behind a fascination with anime

Kripa Mayureshwar September 13, 2020

uickly drawn into the world of Japanese anime and  entranced by the animation and complex storylines, junior Kayla Leung has been a fan of anime ever since she had seen fans post about shows online. Through...

One of the first conversations Miransh Das (qraq) had with another user on his Discord server.

Meeting while miles apart

Mikaylah Du, Staff Writer September 12, 2020
Exploring the world of online friendships
Patel, alongside his older brother and mother, takes a family photo.

A quarantined summer

Justine Ha and Shivani Madhan September 12, 2020
Exploring how three members of the MVHS community spent the summer of 2020
From left to right, Sriranjani, Vidhya and Venkatesan pose for a photo. Photo by Sriranjani Kalimani // Used with permission

Family bonding during shelter-in-place

Iman Malik September 12, 2020
Exploring how quarantine brought a family closer together
Choir teacher and Music Department Lead Amy Young at her Graduate Conducting Recital, which she gave in October 2019 as part of her Masters Degree in Choral Conducting from SJSU.

A new voice

Michelle Chen and Krish Dev September 11, 2020
New choir teacher Amy Young adjusts to MVHS and online learning
This image from the NASA Earth Observatory demonstrates the extent of Californias 2020 wildfires and the burn scars left on the state. Used with permission | NASA

The California wildfires impact the FUHSD community

Oishee Misra August 30, 2020
Students and staff receive evacuation notices due to spreading wildfires

MVHS students help council member Rishi Kumar adapt to COVID-19 while he runs for Congress

Rachel Jiang June 19, 2020
How political campaigns have changed in the pandemic era
A picture of the Gao family is cased in a broken frame. The Gao family was once together until Peter Gao, Geng He and Grace Gao moved to America in 2009. Used with permission

A protest of a lifetime: searching for freedom

Ishaani Dayal and Rachel Jiang June 8, 2020

irst arrested in 2006, lawyer and human rights activist Gao Zhisheng was released in 2014 after withstanding severe mistreatment and torture in solitary confinement at an underground facility in China,...

Photo used with permission | Kristen Hsieh

When life felt normal: MVHS edition

Justine Ha and Oishee Misra June 1, 2020
Inspired by The New York Times, MVHS students reminisce on moments before COVID-19 cancellations
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